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Summer-retreat in Ausseerland Salzkammergut

Due to breathtaking natural landscapes and unique traditional places, the Ausseerland-Salzkammergut is always a guarantee for a wonderful time out. The beauty of the mountains, the gentle high plateaus, wonderful green landscapes and crystal-clear water give energy, clear thoughts and warming moments of happiness - for the perfect summer retreat in Ausseerland.

Summer at the lakes in Ausseerland

You can spend a wonderful refreshing summer at the lakes in Ausseerland-Salzkammergut. From the Grundlsee, called the Styrian sea, the deep blue lake Altaussee, whose colour is often compared to that of an inkwell, to the legendary Toplitzsee, which lies in a huge rock trough: Ausseerland is rich in impressive natural jewels.

Boat trips are probably the most beautiful way to experience the different blue tones of the water and the reflection of the mountains in the lakes.

From swimming and water sports to fishing. The lakes in Ausseerland offer their visitors a wide variety of leisure activities.

On the way on the mountains 

The region can be viewed from a different angle - namely from a bird's eye view - when hiking. Once you reach the summit, the Ausseerland lies at your feet. The view from the famous Loser window, which forms the picturesque frame for a dreamlike mountain panorama, is particularly beautiful. However, hiking is not only about climbing peaks. You can also go from place to place on varied discovery tours that lead through unspoilt nature and past rivers, such as the Traun, or along lakes.

More wealth that the Ausseerland can call its own are the nature discovery sites. The impressive "Pflindsberg" ruins, the talking stone near the "Appelhaus", the former sacred land on the "Kulm" and many more are among them. All these places impress with their stories and with the special atmosphere which visitors can feel.

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Cycling in Ausseerland 

Kilometre per kilometre a treat.

Imposing and picturesque on the one hand, adventurous and exciting on the other. Everyone experiences the Ausseerland the way they want to. For cycling enthusiasts it presents itself as an Eldorado for diverse trails. But also leisurely cyclists and e-bikers are led along the cycle paths through the Ausseerland.

Your cycling tours

Horse riding in Ausseerland - unforgettable summer moments

Summer visitors also combine a love of nature and animals between Altaussee and Tauplitz. At the riding establishments, horses wait to explore new trails with visitors or to ride off into the sunset. Unforgettable moments are created during carriage rides - whether as a couple, with family and friends or alone.

Golf, tennis and more

Teatime or an enjoyable tennis match can also be moved to the sports facilities in Ausseerland. If your own two feet and possibly walking sticks are enough equipment, you can start or end your day with a session of running or walking.

Enjoyment the Ausseer way

In Ausseerland, meals are prepared from regional ingredients and served with love. Always with you: a magnificent view of the lakes as well as the imposing mountain world.

Even breakfast can be celebrated in a very special way on a "Plätte" on the Grundlsee. Surrounded by crystal-clear water, local products are  served on the wooden boats (Plätten), which are well-known in the region - from freshly baked bread to homemade dairy products and jams.

Strengthened and full of energy for the day, the gourmet journey through Ausseerland can start. From homemade pestos and jams to traditional Ausseer gingerbread, fresh fruit and vegetables at the weekly markets - Ausseerland is a paradise for gourmets.

A glance at the gourmet map reveals where weekly markets are regularly held.

To get an impression of how the delicacies are created from the raw materials, it is best to pay a visit to the businesses of the Ausseerland selection. The producers demonstrate their craftsmanship, which they have, in some cases, been cultivating for generations.

To the gourmet map

Tradition, art and culture in Ausseerland

Visitors to Ausseerland experience a multifaceted programme of art and culture. The calendar of events includes traditional festivals such as the well-known daffodil Festival, where the people of Aussee proudly wear their traditional costumes and celebrate exuberantly. But you can also visit varied exhibitions of modern art and performances by freelance artists.

Summer holiday in Ausseerland

Sports enthusiasts, nature lovers, art lovers and gourmets - they are all drawn to the Ausseerland-Salzkammergut for their holidays. The colourful mix of the classic and the newly interpreted results in a multi-faceted mixture that creates unique holiday moments.