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Mariazeller Bürgeralpe - Sommer


A trip to the Mariazell Bürgeralpe is a must during a visit!

New 8-seater gondola lift from the centre in Mariazell.

A trip to the Mariazell Bürgeralpe is a great experience for the whole family. The valley station of the Bürgeralpe Express is only a few minutes away from the main square in Mariazell. And from there you glide up to 1,267 m on the new 8-seater gondola lift, a modern single-cable gondola from Doppelmayr. There is enough space in the cabins for prams or wheelchairs.

Holzknechtland Adventure Park & Beaver Water

The entrance to the adventure park is located at the top station. In Holzknechtland, forestry work processes from the past are presented in stations. Children can playfully understand what once was a hard way to earn a living. In the forest quiz and stamp rally, mascot beaver Basti accompanies them on this journey of discovery. A ride on the forest railway around the forest and crystal lake is an experience for all visitors.

Beaver water

Discover the play world of our mascot Beaver Basti: three ball tracks, train saw seesaw, Basti's giant slide, eagle's nest, slope slide as well as crawling tunnel and sand playground provide lots of fun and action. "Pack your swimming trunks" is the motto at the fun raft race, the splash beavers and the torrent and watercourse with gold panning pool.

New attraction - WALD8ERBAHN "Flylinas Hexenflug" (Flylina's witch's flight)

On the new WALD8ERBAHN you can float almost silently between the treetops through the WanderWunderWald. Whether in a cosy double with a child or alone in a fast curved flight. The new flight experience stretches over 350 metres and is a spectacular but also safe experience for the whole family. At the end of the witch's flight, it's back on foot.

Forest Adventure Trail "The Secret of the White Tower "

The landing site of Flylina's witch's flight is also the starting point of the 1.3 km long, newly designed family hiking trail. Along the adventure trail, the secret of the white tower is revealed at seven playful stations with the help of the inhabitants of the WanderWunderWald. The clues to the solution are entered in the nature treasure map that every child receives at Flylina's Witches' Flight.

Drei-Seen-Blick circular walk

The circular walk, which is suitable for pushchairs, starts at the mountain station. Enjoy the view of the three lakes Kristallsee, Erlaufsee and Hubertussee. Walking time: approx. 45 minutes


The 21-metre high Erzherzog-Johann lookout was built of wood as early as 1855, in 1908 a new building was erected in its current form, and in 2006 the lookout was completely renovated. A great panoramic view awaits you!

New car park in Mariazell

A new municipal car park for up to 108 cars has been built just 150 metres from the valley station, and there is a charge for this.

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8630 Mariazell

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