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Gösseum: Gruppenbesucher (ab 6 Personen)


About the offer

A visit to the source of Austria’s best beer will not only delight beer connoisseurs.

Worth knowing about beer, brewing and gout in particular can be found at the brewery with over a thousand years of history. And yet the Gösser Museum represents something very special: Beer is brewed here today as then – with passion, pleasure and ambition!

To experience the Gösser Museum with all your senses, registration is highly recommended!
The trained staff will gladly accompany small and large groups through the venerable walls until the enjoyable conclusion of the tour: Freshly tapped Gösser with beer breze.

Opening hours

For organisational reasons, registration is required at least 48 hours before the desired date.
Telephone registrations are possible from monday till friday between 7 am till 2 pm.

Date and time

  • 01/01/2022 - 22/12/2023
  • Thursday - Starting at o'clock
    Saturday - Starting at o'clock

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