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Fishing on Lake Ödensee

Bad Aussee

Lake Ödensee is a typical forest wetland lake, surrounded by dense forest and lush shore vegetation.

Nature has provided our holiday region with the romantic Lake Ödensee (20 ha) and the protected highland moors (Natura 2000). One striking aspect of this lake is that it is only fed from underground sources. The outflow Ödenseetraun flows into the Traun in Bad Aussee.

Principle: Ethical fishing.
  1. Important
    The angler accepts these fishing regulations, and agrees to comply with them.
    All anglers are bound by any changes or amendments to the regulations made during the duration of a licence period.
    1.1. The "Fangkarte" (capture card - day pass, three-day ticket, season ticket) is only valid with a "Fischkarte für die Steiermark" (Styrian fishing licence). All cards must be carried at all times and be available for inspection on request.
    1.2. Each member is obliged to voluntarily present their catch to the supervisor, (even after repeated daily control). Any refusal, or gross discourtesy towards the fishing supervisor, can lead to the immediate withdrawal of the "Fangkarte".
    1.4. Each fish must be entered in the catch statistics immediately after it's caught (and killed). Every angler is obliged to maintain and submit their own catch statistics. This regulation is necessary to ensure proper management of the marine environment. A deposit of € 5 is charged for catch statistics card and will refunded upon proper return of the statistics in the Kohlröserlhütte or fishing supervisor.
  2. Fishing season, fishing times
    2.1. The fishing season begins on 01 May and ends on 15 September. 
    2.2. Fishing time: 06:00 - 21:00.
  3. Closed seasons, minimum lengths, fishing restrictions, catch limits
    3.1. The statutory closed seasons and minimum lengths apply with the following exceptions:
    River or  rainbow trout >30 cm
    Char > 30 cm
    Carp > 35 cm
    Pike > 60 cm.
    Damaged/injured fish are to be killed immediately and qualify as part of the catch rate.
    3.2. Fish that are caught during their closed season, or are undersized, must be gently returned immediately. If this is not possible then they must ethically killed immediately, dismembered and disposed of. Their catch should be entered with a notation in the fishing card (but do not qualify as part of the catch rate).
    3.3. Bag limit: Season ticket holders may keep upto 15 fish per month (max. 3 per day) (this applies to trout, char carp, pike). Day ticket holders and three days ticket holders may take upto 3 fish per day.
    The transport of live fish is prohibited.
    3.4. When using a landing net there must be no more than three fish in the keep net at any one time. Live fish may not be taken away.
  4. Fishing tackle, bait
    4.1. Each holder of a fishing card may use up to two fishing rods.
    Each angler is allowed one fishing spot. The two fishing rods must be arranged so that both rods can be monitored by the angler.
    Bait: blinker or natural bait
    Reminder: The use of live bait fish is prohibited.
    Principle: The keeping of all fish must be made according to animal welfare legal guidelines.
  5. Club waters
    5.1. All day passes and three-day passes are available at the Kohlröserlhütte Ödensee and from the fishing supervisors. Season tickets are only available from Chairman Gerhard Fluch (Tel .: +43 664 3633273) and Treasurer Kurt Edlinger (Tel .: +43 676 5035573).
  6. Also forbidden:
    6.1 The deliberate fishing of closed season fish species (check the dates), applies even if the intention is to immediately release them.
    6.2. Discarding or abandoning waste of any kind (including, scales and offal).
  7. General information:
    7.1. Fishing from a boat is allowed, but only using local "Gemeinde" boats. These must be reserved at the Kohlröserlhütte Ödensee the day before the boat is required. Half day: 07:00 to 13:30 or 13:30 to 20:00.
    7.2. Caught fish may not be sold, traded, or exchanged.
    7.3. Anglers are liable for any damages during fishing.
    7.4. Infringements of fishing regulations can be punished with the immediate withdrawal of the "Fangkarte". If the "Fangkarte is withdrawn (or unused) there is no entitlement to a refund.
    7.5. The fishing supervisor is free to reject requests for fishing licences without giving reasons.


Fischen am Ödensee
Manfred und Christina Mayer
Unterkainisch 144
8990 Bad Aussee

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