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    Regional and Styrian


    There are few things that leave a more lasting impression on you than the culinary highlights of a region - and beautiful scenery takes the enjoyment to a whole new level still. A total of 90 mountain huts are open every summer. In a traditional setting, they offer a selection of hearty dishes – from Kaiserschmarren-style pancakes and cheesy dumpling soup to various outstanding regional specialties. All dishes are prepared as they have been for generations and served with that typical brand of Styrian hospitality.


    5 dishes you simply have to try during your stay in Schladming-Dachstein:

    • Noodles with Ennstal cheese and cabbage salad
    • Farmhouse doughnuts of all kinds
    • Ennstal lamb
    • Beef broth with cheesy dumplings
    • "Kaiserschmarrn"
    • Dish from "Alpine cuisine by Richard Rauch"


    Food and drink in the restaurants and cafés of Schladming-Dachstein

    Discover the variety of cuisine our restaurants have to offer.
    Our region has everything you could want: from rustic hill taverns, hearty guesthouses, restaurants, comfortable cafés and bars to luxury restaurants.

    Alpine Cuisine by Richard Rauch

    “Alpine Cuisine by Richard Rauch” takes local cooking to a whole new level, with the project entering its fourth season this coming winter. Together with cooks at several huts in the area, famous four-toque Richard Rauch has made it his mission to conjure up creative Alpine-style dishes based on local and regional ingredients – for the most part home-produced. The “Alpine Cuisine” wines which are served have been carefully matched with each of the dishes to provide the perfect finishing touch to what is certain to be a palate-pleasing experience.

    Regionality, authenticity, seasonality and security of origin

    Austria's gourmet regions

    Eating genuinely local and seasonal with regional heritage in mind GENUSS REGION ÖSTERREICH is the biggest culinary initiative in the country combining 115 'GenussRegionen' from Vorarlberg down to the Burgenland under one association.

    GENUSS REGION ÖSTERREICH promotes important values, it ensures goods are certified original, that their quality is high and boosts the region's economy

    In the Schladming-Dachstein region, Ennstaler Steirerkas count to Austria's gourmet regions (Genussregion Österreich).


    “Krapfen” are a special delicacy of the Ennstal. Here, we differentiate between those made from wheat flour, known as “woazanen” or “Protestant” Krapfen, which are especially popular in the Upper Ennstal and generally eaten sweet with honey or jam, and the “roggernen”, which are baked from rye flour and known by many as “Catholic” Krapfen. It is the latter which serve as the basis for delicious Steirerkas Krapfen, served optionally with potatoes and sauerkraut. 

    The Krapfen originated at the old farmhouses. In former times, for Sunday breakfast the farmers often opted to eat Krapfen rather than cake. So, even back then, they were something quite “special”. However, because Sunday was regarded as the “Lord’s Day” and lived as such – people went to church and let their work rest for a day – the Krapfen had to be baked on Saturday. Then, every maidservant and farmhand received 2-3 Krapfen so as to have plenty to eat for breakfast the following day.