Hiking route Von Bruck an der Mur auf den Hochanger - Touren-Impression #1 | © TV Hochsteiermark Hiking route Von Bruck an der Mur auf den Hochanger - Touren-Impression #1 | © TV Hochsteiermark

Von Bruck an der Mur auf den Hochanger

One of the three classic local mountains of Bruck an der Mur - the leisurely hike to the 1,308m high Hochanger near Bruck an der Mur is one of the most popular pleasure hikes in Hochsteiermark. The variant over the Rabenwandsteig, which can almost be described as alpine, also refines this tour by a few almost breathtaking sections.
From Bruck an der Mur, the route is leisurely and never really steep through the Weitental Nature Conservation Center and the Schweizeben (alpine pasture, managed hut) to the summit of the Hochanger (alpine pasture, shelter, summit cross), which is rich in views:

Together with the Weitental Nature Conservation Center and the publicly accessible wildlife sanctuary at the tour's starting point, the result is an undertaking perfectly suited for families. The two shelters along the way, including the surprisingly exciting climb for a forest and meadow mountain, make for an eventful as well as varied hiking day program.

The tour is certainly one of the most beautiful climbs on the Hochanger.



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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
12,8 km
5:00 h
820 hm
820 hm
1308 m
Highest point
510 m
Lowest point

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From Vienna via the A2 - Südautobahn and the S6 - Semmering Schnellstraße to the exit Bruck an der Mur. Here at the traffic circle 3rd exit in the direction of Leoben. After 100 meters turn left at the 1st traffic light (sign "Weitental").

Now keep right through a railroad and freeway underpass and past the cemetery to the P at the beginning of the Weitental. N 47.40398° O 15.27535°.

From Graz via the A9 - Phyrnautobahn and the S35 - Brucker Schnellstraße to the Bruck an der Mur exit. Continue as above.

From the west (Linz, Salzburg, D) via the A9 - Phyrnautobahn and the S6 - Semmering - Schnellstraße to Bruck West. Here, at the freeway exit, keep left until you reach an intersection at a furniture store. Keep right through the Bruck district of Oberaich until just before the above-mentioned traffic circle. Turn right at the traffic lights (sign "Weitental") and continue as above.

The start is in the immediate vicinity of the youth and family guest village Weitental in the south of Bruck an der Mur.First, the wide path leads into the valley to the mentioned wild animal sanctuary in the Weitental Nature Conservation Center, which is reached after only a 15-minute walk. Here it is worthwhile to make a short stop and visit the same.

The wide forest path is followed even further to reach the spring catchment of the "Kalten Quelle" after another 30 minutes. This spring once served as a water supply for the town of Bruck and today serves to quench the thirst of all passing hikers.

From here the path narrows somewhat and after a few minutes the trail turns to the right upwards in the direction of Rabenwand.The gradient now increases noticeably and also the path itself has now changed to a narrow climb. Some hairpin bends lead through partly quite dense forest to a rock formation. This is overcome over several wooden ladders spectacularly, but safely (wide railing), whereby in the upper part an impressive deep view of the Weitental is offered.

Soon a now wider trail leads through a high forest to a forest road. However, this is only crossed in order to then reach the summit meadow of the Hochanger via a marked hiking trail (designation "Zöttelsteig") always in the forest and uphill, although never very steeply uphill (about 1 ½ hours from the end of the wooden ladders).

Here is also in the immediate vicinity of the unmistakable fenced summit cross the Hochanger - Schutzhaus, which is open all year round.

The descent first leads along the wide forest path in a northerly direction slightly downhill in about 15 minutes to a prominent fork in the path. The left variant brings all hikers directly back to the Weitentalgraben and thus to the starting point.On the right (more recommendable variant), the wide path continues to a junction of several hiking tours (about 60 minutes walk from Hochanger - Schutzhaus).Here you have the possibility to take a break in the alpine guesthouse Schweizeben, which is located not far from the crossing on a large alpine meadow.

After this rest and returning to the above-mentioned trail junction, a now somewhat narrower trail ("Susannensteig") leads partly quite steeply downhill to the Weitental Nature Conservation Center and thus back to the starting point.

From the exit at the wooden ladders, you can reach the Schweizeben with the alpine inn of the same name via the marked and panoramic Tausendersteig on an almost level path and always at an altitude of 1,000 meters (hence the name) in about 1 ½ hours. However, the Hochangergipfel must of course be renounced here.This variant is especially recommended in uncertain weather and reduces the total walking time from 5 - 6 to around 3 - 4 hours.

A visit to the wildlife sanctuary in Brucker Weitental is an ideal conclusion to the hike.

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Free parking at the entrance to the Weitental valley, N 47.40398° E 15.27535°.
If you want to entrust yourself to a tour operator, simply book with Steiermark Touristik,the official travel agency of SteiermarkTourismus:Tel. +43 316 4003450,



Further information: +43 3862 306010, (Tourism Association Bruck an der Mur), www.tourismusbruckmur.at




What the weather will be like

Pernegg an der Mur (462m)

5 km/h
slightly cloudy
5 km/h
5 km/h
Unsettled with outbreaks of rain. Sunny spells developing from noon on.
5 km/h
0 km/h
5 km/h
The day will be dry, but mostly cloudy with occasional sunny spells.
2°C 8°C
3°C 8°C
0°C 5°C

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