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Safety in the mountains in Ausseerland-Salzkammergut

When hiking, good preparation is key: from planning, to the right clothing, to the weather conditions. One's own experience in alpine terrain should also be taken into account. Hikers who follow a few simple rules will enjoy wonderful mountain experiences in Ausseerland Salzkammergut:

Careful planning

Approximate time planning should be one of the basics of every tour. Do not forget: Plan breaks! In case of changeable weather, be sure to determine possible places to stop for rest and refreshments!

Tips from the Alpine Club Austria for calculating the walking time:

approx. 300 vertical meters per hour for the ascent
approx. 500 meters of altitude per hour for the descent
approx. 4 kilometers horizontal per hour

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Choose suitable equipment and clothing.

The right equipment is an important basic requirement for a successful hike. This includes:

  • solid footwear with treaded soles

  • backpack

  • sunscreen

  • warm clothing

  • windproof coat

  • enough drinks and snacks

  • small bandages (gauze bandage, Leukoplast, plaster, scissors or knife) and for safety a light painkiller

  • orientation tools such as a hiking map, etc.

  • Especially in emergencies, a cell phone is helpful, even if you do not always have signal.

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Sign out and sign back in

For your own safety, you should let someone know before and after the hike that you are leaving or have returned safely.

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Follow trail indications

Marked trails should not be left. Shortcuts may seem attractive, but they often have dangers that are not always obvious at first glance.

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Avoid falling rocks

Rockfall poses great dangers in alpine areas. Therefore, always be careful not to kick off any rocks! Caution: Rock falls are often caused by chamois, sheep or other animals.

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Act quickly in case of weather change

On the mountain, the weather can change quickly. Especially then, quick action is important. Peaks, ridges, isolated trees, water gullies and power lines should be avoided at all costs during thunderstorms.

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Correct action in case of accidents

Mountain rescue: 140        European emergency call: 112

In order to be able to react quickly in case of an accident, it is advisable to save the most important telephone numbers before every hike.

Avoid waste

Please take your own waste back with you in any case! This is the only way to keep nature clean.

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Behavior towards animals on the alpine meadows

Respectful coexistence in the mountains is important for humans, dogs and grazing animals. The code of conduct shows the right way to deal with animals on the alpine meadows.

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