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a'Goas - Goat milk products


With love for nature and animals.

Renate and Andreas Hof produce the finest goat's milk specialties on the Erlsberg in Donnersbach. Their products are high-quality and multiple award-winning specialties. The healthy and lactose-compatible products are available in different variations.

Only a happy goat produces good cheese.
Goats belong to the oldest, economically used domestic animals and companions of man. They are very frugal, curious and fun-loving animals, which is reflected in the quality of the products. At Erlsberg they graze on natural pastures.

Award-winning products that taste good.
The Hof family produces and sells high-quality goat milk products for the joy of goat farming and the tradition associated with it. Over the years they have already received important awards and much recognition for their products.


Erlsberg 36

8953 Irdning- Donnersbachtal