Gösser circular hiking trail (c) Steininger | © (c) Günther Steininger Gösser circular hiking trail (c) Steininger | © (c) Günther Steininger

Gösser circular hiking trail


The Gösser circular hiking trail starts at the Dürntalwirt and leads along an idyllic forest path past the Grasslhöhle up to the Gösser, which is circled on our trail.

Every nature lover will get their money's worth on the Gösser circular hiking trail due to the fantastic views. Only a few minutes by car from Weiz, the Gösser is perfect for a short hike with the whole family. The region is known for its cave systems. In particular, the Katerloch and the Grasslhöhle, which our trail passes, are enjoyed by numerous guests and cause amazement. The Naas Cave Trail, whose signs we encounter several times on our tour, connects these cave systems. The view along the tour in the direction of the Almenland Nature Park as well as the hilly landscape of Eastern Styria and the city of Weiz is beautiful.



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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
4,5 km
1:45 h
345 hm
345 hm
1016 m
Highest point
671 m
Lowest point

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From Graz via the main road: Take Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Kai and Wickenburggasse to Jahngasse / B67a. Follow the road on the B72 to Weiz and take the exit towards Weiz-West.

From Weiz you must then drive via Weizer Hauptplatz in the direction of Mortantsch. Then keep going in the direction of Leska and follow the road for about another 5 km to Gasthof Dürntalwirt.

  •  We start at the Dürntalwirt Inn after a short climb along the road, turn right into the forest onto trail no. 18 after a little more than 100 metres. This trail number leads us along the entire trail, only at the Gösser Wand do we branch off onto trail no. 18b.
  • At first, the trail goes steadily uphill - identical to the course of the Naas Cave Trail - to the Grasslhöhle, the oldest show cave in Austria. The trail then continues uphill through the forest, with clearings in between offering wonderful views of eastern Styria with the Raab valley and Weiz in the foreground.
  • Soon we reach a hill with a cosy resting place. On a board we learn interesting facts about the former alpine life up here.
  • At this junction we now keep left and branch off onto trail no. 18b, which leads us to the Gösser Wand. Caution: this section of the trail should be avoided after rainfall, as there is a risk of slipping. The section above the Gösser Wand with the impressive views and numerous photo points is certainly one of the most beautiful in Eastern Styria.
  • In a loop around the Gösser, we return to trail no. 18, where another rest area awaits us. Here we keep to the right to get back to the previous crossing at the former alpine pasture.
  • From here, the same path as we ascended leads us downhill via the Grasslhöhle to our starting point at the Dürntalwirt Inn.

For refreshments you can stop at the Dürntalwirt Inn before or after the hike.

Timetables and travel information can be found directly at:

Parking at the Gasthof Dürntalwirt.

Eastern Styria Tourist Board | Office Weiz
Main square 18
8160 Weiz
Tel: +43 3172 2319 660
E-Mail: weiz@oststeiermark.com

Further information:

Mobile in Eastern Styria with SAM shared cab (SAM takes you to your hiking starting point and back again. Attention: For trips on Sunday and public holidays, book in advance until the evening before).


What the weather will be like

Passail (653m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
10 km/h
Mostly cloudy with occasional sunny spells. Light rain will start in the afternoon.
5 km/h
10 km/h
10 km/h
Sunny in the early morning, but soon clouds will gather and will lead to light rain towards evening.
5°C 13°C
3°C 12°C
0°C 8°C
GenussCard Steiermark | © Thermen- und Vulkanland Steiermark, Harald Eisenberger

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