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I am a Murtalerin - Loretto Chapel

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Our Murtaler of this week stands quietly and reverently at 1817 metres above sea level and enchants with an incredible view. The Loretto Chapel on the Rosenkogel attracts many hikers almost magically - in summer and in winter.

The history of a small mountain chapel

In 1935, the Loretto Chapel on the Rosenkogel was built small and simply out of wood. Previously there was a chapel there, but it was destroyed in the First World War. The silence all around and the marvellous view invite you to contemplate and have a short prayer. The mountain world around the simple building is enchanting in spring as nature reawakens, in summer with the alpine bush blossom and in autumn in the most beautiful shades of red and gold. In winter, with its white coat, this area is a rich destination for a snowshoe hike or ski tour. Whether from Gaal or via St. Oswald, the ascent is worthwhile and hikers and sports enthusiasts are rewarded with peace, satisfaction and a contemplative moment of pause.

The Loretto Chapel tells....

Erlebnisregion Murtal: "What connects you wtih the Murtal?"
Loretto Chapel: "The moment of surprise - when hikers see me, they are always surprised by the atmosphere that surrounds me."

Erlebnisregion Murtal: "When do you feel your heart beating in the Murtal?" 
Loretto Chapel: "At the Weisenbläsertreffen. The traditional Weisenbläsertreffen is held every year on the 4th Sunday in August. When so many people visit me and the service takes place here, I'm always really excited and my little wooden heart beats really fast."

Erlebnisregion Murtal: "Where is your favourite place in the Murtal?"
Loretto Chapel: "The abbey in Seckau always impresses me a lot. I'm a bit of a dwarf next to it, so to speak. It must be beautiful there and the atmosphere must be amazing. It would be nice if I could visit it one day."

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