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I am a Murtaler - Lenten pretzel

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The end of the funny and colourful carnival season always brings a crunchy, salty treat in the Murtal. The lenten pretzel heralds the period of abstinence between carnival and Easter. Although the term fasting is an exaggeration here, the pretzel is a treat that both young and old look forward to every year.

Wheat flour, caraway seeds, yeast, salt and love are the basis of the Murtal fasting pretzel. Popular as a snack between meals, it accompanies many Murtalers to school, kindergarten and work. Light and savoury, it is a popular alternative to the full-bodied, rich doughnut.

The pretzel is a well-rounded product that is at its best as an accompaniment to a snack, as a welcome snack and for dipping in spreads.


Erlebnisregion Murtal: "What connects you to the Murtal?"
Fastenbreze: "Just like the Murtal, I'm really down-to-earth, unagitated and people like me because I am who I am."

Erlebnisregion Murtal: "When do you feel your heart beating in the Murtal?"
Fastenbreze: "I feel the palpitations most when children play with me. They like my round shape and I really am a great snack."

Erlebnisregion Murtal: "Where is your favourite place in the Murtal?"
Fastenbreze: "I can't say exactly where my favourite place is. I like travelling all over the region. Starting from my mountainous home in the Pölstal, right across the Murtal basin to Knittelfeld."

Do you want to start Lent too? You can get the Lenten pretzel at the Brandl bakery in Möderbrugg and all partners.

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