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I am a Murtaler - King of Murtal jersey

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Still young, very sporty and extremely popular is this week's Murtaler - the King and Queen of Murtal jersey. From 1 May to 30 September, motivated athletes and curious explorers can cycle for the title of King and Queen of Murtal on the Strava sports app in the Murtalclub and get their hands on the specially designed jersey. 

The motto of the ‘Entdeckungsradln’ in the Murtal valley is sport and enjoyment. This year, hard-working athletes have the opportunity to snatch the title of King and Queen of Murtal and secure the coveted winner's jersey. A highlight is the final event in October, when the most beautiful race track in the world opens its gates exclusively for cyclists.

From 1 May to 30 September 2024, road cyclists and mountain bikers have the opportunity to join the Murtal Adventure Region Club on STRAVA (an app for tracking sporting activities) and compete for the title of KOM & QOM. Various tours are offered in the Murtal, allowing you to discover the most beautiful sides of the region.

How do you become King and Queen?

Participants must be registered on STRAVA and cycle at least 3 segments (tours) in the Murtal Adventure Region Club. In addition, they can collect kilometres every week between May and September regardless of their location, whether on holiday, on an evening sports tour or on a club outing - the main thing is that the kilometres are registered in the Murtal Club via Strava.

Cycling where otherwise the fastest of the fast pedal the accelerator

To earn the title of KOM & QOM, the contenders must take part in the final event on 19 October and prove their cycling prowess by completing at least one lap of the Red Bull Ring. This event already proved to be extremely popular last year and many participants took advantage of the unique opportunity to pedal around the most beautiful race track in the world. 

As this is not a competition, but an enjoyable cycling get-together with friends or club members, participants in the Challenge can simply discover, try out and enjoy. 

Bonus for participants in Murtal sporting events

A special treat awaits all participants in Murtal sporting events such as the Knittelfeld City Triathlon (1 May 2024), Hubiman (21 July 2024) and Steiraman (11 August 2024). The winners will each receive green cards for the popular final event. The participants of the Murtal MTB Cups who show diligence and take part in the entire Cup can also look forward to green cards. The award ceremony for the MTB Cup will take place as part of the final KoM and QoM event on 19 October 2024.


MTB Cup dates:

09.05.2024 Roatmoar Alm Sprint

28.06.2024 Hohe Ranach

27.07.2024 Stierhuam

11.08.2024 STEIRAMAN Speedtrail

12.10.2024 Schwarzer Herrgott

A jersey tells about itself

Erlebnisregion Murtal: ‘What connects you to the Murtal?’
KOM jersey: ‘I'm sporty and love cycling.’

Erlebnisregion Murtal: ‘When do you feel your heart beating in the Murtal?’
KOM jersey: ‘When I'm handed over to my new owner at the KoM final event on the podium at the Red Bull Ring, that's something really special. I'm so happy, it's really a unique opportunity to be up there.’

Erlebnisregion Murtal: ‘Where is your favourite place in the Murtal?’
KOM jersey: ‘I love the many cycle routes in the Murtal, it's beautiful here along the fields and meadows.’

From May to September, the motto in the Murtal is - On your bike saddle, get set - discover the region and secure your way to the title of KOM & QOM.

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