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Von der Bosruckhütte auf den Großen Pyhrgas

The panoramic round tour over the Großer Pyhrgas (2,244 m) is ideal for hikers who love medium-difficulty tours and also offers several places to stop for refreshments.
Impressive and panoramic traverse in the form of a circular hike of the highest peak of the Haller Mauern, the 2244-metre-high Großer Pyhrgas. The ascent, past the Rohrauerhaus, via the steep Hofersteig trail is accompanied by views of the Bosruck, Karleck and Grimming. The Gesäuse mountains in the southeast, such as the Admonter Reichenstein and the Hochtor massif, also whet the appetite for further mountain tours. The Gr. Pyhrgas may not be as high as those just mentioned, but it is equally strenuous, because you have to cover many metres of altitude over a relatively short distance. But the reward is twofold, because the Rohrauerhaus and the Bosruckhütte invite you to stop for a break.


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Level of difficulty
9,2 km
5:30 h
1215 hm
1186 hm
2244 m
Highest point
1014 m
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A9 Phyrn motorway to the Spital am Pyhrn exit. From the centre of the village, follow the signs in the direction of the Dr.-Vogelgesang-Klamm gorge and the Bosruckhütte hut. At the entrance to the gorge, continue to the Bosruckhütte car park.
From the Bosruckhütte car park, which is a 2-minute walk from the hut, you start off in an easterly direction and follow an increasingly steep forest road past the hut itself and a power station on the Klammbach stream. At the first bend in the forest road, leave the forest road and join a marked hiking trail that leads straight to an alpine pasture with cows, where shortly afterwards you will come to the turnoff to Gr. Pyhrgas and the Hofalm. Here, however, you continue straight on to the Rohrauerhaus, as this way you have to overcome the more difficult Hofersteig on the ascent and not on the descent. Once at the Rohrauerhaus, follow trail no. 615 to the south-east and after about 5 minutes on foot you will find yourself at the Pyhrgasgatterl (1308 m), from where the Hofersteig begins. Now follow the well-marked forest trail, which initially runs through a water protection area, in a northerly direction. The already very steep Hofersteig trail requires a lot of concentration and surefootedness. The most difficult section is in the upper part, where you have to overcome a few large rock steps with the help of an old steel chain. Afterwards, the path becomes more pleasant again and the last metres to the summit follow, which you can already see shortly after the end of the Hofersteig. On the descent, first follow the ascent path for a short distance until you take the path towards the Hofalm at the fork, which leads past the shelter cave (a few metres to the left of the path). The further descent to the Hofalm saddle is characterised by a steep scree path, which is bordered on both sides by mountain pines. When you reach the crossroads at the Hofalmsattel, head south over the Hiaslalm and then continue until you reach the junction on the alpine pasture a little later, thus completing the circular tour.
 Stop by for a bite to eat at the Hofalmhütte. The extra metres in altitude are rewarded with homemade pastries and specialities from the region.
A free and public car park is located directly on the road where it comes out of the forest.
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Hauptstraße 35, 8911 Admont, Österreich

Tel. +43 (0) 3613 21160 10



What the weather will be like

Admont (635m)

9 km/h
15 km/h
14 km/h
Mostly thick clouds, and a chance of some snowfall in the first half of the day.
12 km/h
13 km/h
13 km/h
Dull throughout the day. Snowfall will increase more and more.
0°C 5°C
0°C 4°C
-5°C 2°C

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Route 14,9 km
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