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Gr. Ebenstein - Sonnschienalm

Wildalpen Winterhöh - Seesteig Hartlsee - Antonikreuz - Kreuzpfäder - Schafhalssattel -Zumach- Kl. Ebenstein - Gr. Ebenstein und retour über die Sonnschienalm
A strenuous, lonely mountain tour on a Hochschwabrieße on the north side. This extensive tour has more of a hiking character.

It offers breathtaking scenery and mountains!


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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
28,0 km
12:24 h
1624 hm
1624 hm
2107 m
Highest point
669 m
Lowest point

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Travelling to Wildalpen by car:


From Vienna: A1 Westautobahn exit Ybbs via Wieselburg, Scheibbs and Lunz/See to Göstling an der Ybbs continue in the direction of Palfau, at the Erzhalden junction turn off to Wildalpen.


From Vienna, Eisenstadt: Semmeringschnellstraße S6, near Mürzzuschlag onto the B23 Mariazeller Bundesstrasse and Mürzsteg and Wegscheid to Gusswerk and on the Hochschwab Bundesstrasse B24 to Wildalpen.


From Linz: A1 to Voralpenkreuz junction, A9 to Windischgarsten, Unterlaussa, Altenmarkt, Grossreifling, Palfau and Wildalpen


From Salzburg: A1 on A9 to exit Ardning/Admont, Gesäusebundesstrasse and B24 to Wildalpen


From Graz: A9 Pyhrnautobahn, exit, Traboch (near Leoben) via Präbichl/Eisenerz, Hieflau, Landl, Gams to Palfau at the Erzhalden junction turn off to Wildalpen.

This tour is only suitable for fit mountain hikers. The trail begins at the Winterhöh car park on an asphalt road and it is recommended to take the Seesteig trail to Hartlsee after the first sharp right-hand bend. Once at the lake, turn right again to the asphalt road, which is tackled uphill. You reach a large meadow and immediately afterwards a path leads to the Antonikreuz and even higher up to Kreuzpfäder. From Kreuzpfäder it gets really exciting, because you hike below the Hochschwabrießen Gr. Grießstein, Gr. Ebenstein and Schaufelwand until you reach the Schafhalssattel. From the Schafhalssattel, the route is more leisurely across an alpine meadow, then steeply up to Zumach, from where you branch off to the left to reach the Kl. and Gr. Ebenstein.


Refreshments and overnight accommodation: Sonnschienhütte; this is not directly on the trail.

However, it is perfect for spending the night and then descending the next day and possibly combining other tours!


Walking time: approx. 5 hours ascent to Ebenstein summit

Summit to Sonnschienhütte approx. 1 hour

Between Kreuzpfäder and Schafhalssattel you can clearly see an important event in Wildalpen, namely a landslide about 5900 years ago. The rapid warming led to the melting of the glaciers within a few thousand years. The ice tumbled down the slopes during the cold period, and after the melting the mountain flanks are now without support and therefore often become unstable. Landslides and rockfalls were the result.

In the area of Brandstein, Schaufelwand, Ebenstein, Gr. Grießstein, a rim of demolition formed. Visible sliding surfaces and an area with sliding clods can be seen below, as well as traces of a torrent and its deposits long ago down the valley.


Die Anreise mit dem Taxi nach Wildalpen:

Reinhold Missethon, Tel. 0043 (0)3636 / 317 oder 0043 (0)650 / 310 10 20

Johanna Werner, Tel. 0043 (0)3636 / 321 oder 0043 (0)664 / 648 55 37


The journey from Wildalpen:

Drive to the turn-off for Hinterwildalpen and immediately after a few hundred metres turn left up to Winterhöh, the ski lift or sauna and park there.

Infobüro/Salza Wildalpen

Wildalpen 91 – 8924 Wildalpen Tel. 03636/241

Mo und Fr. 9:00-17:00


What the weather will be like

Wildalpen (611m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
0 km/h
Sunny and cloudy periods will alternate throughout the day.
0 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Fairly sunny with scattered clouds. Showers will be possible towards evening.
14°C 28°C
14°C 30°C
15°C 30°C

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