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Gesäuse Partner Network

The Region

The Gesäuse region consists of ten tourism communities (Ardning, Admont, Sankt Gallen, Altenmarkt, Gaishorn, Landl, Liezen, Rottenmann, and Wildalpen). Most recently, the Dürrenstein Wilderness Area extended into Styria via the Lassing Valley, thereby expanding the network. Four organizations are responsible for the Gesäuse Partner Network.

Gesäuse Partner-Network

The governing organizations

Gesäuse Tourism Association

The Gesäuse Tourism Association is a legally mandated public corporation by the State of Styria, comprising its 10 member municipalities and businesses directly (accommodation and gastronomy) or indirectly affected by tourism.

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Gesäuse National Park

A national park stands for untouched nature, wilderness, and process protection: "Let nature be nature" is the motto here. In Austria, there are only 6 national parks in total where humans and wilderness encounter each other.

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Styrian Eisenwurzen Nature and Geopark

The Styrian Eisenwurzen Nature and UNESCO Global Geopark is located in the northern part of Upper Styria, essentially in the heart of Austria, where the three federal states, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, and Styria, share borders. The area of the nature and geopark covers 586 square kilometers and is formed by the municipalities of Altenmarkt, Landl, St. Gallen, and Wildalpen.

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Dürrenstein-Lassingtal Wilderness Area

The Dürrenstein-Lassingtal Wilderness Area preserves the largest remaining primeval forest of the Alpine arc, known as the Rothwald Primeval Forest. It is an IUCN-recognized protected area of Category Ia + Ib and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2017. With its natural forests, it is a crucial component in the effort to permanently protect rare ecosystems and their animal, plant, and fungal species.

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