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 Gesäuse Partner-Network


The Gesäuse partners - that's you. Because without the motivated businesses, who wholeheartedly support the region, the national park, the nature and geopark, and the wilderness area, the network would be just a beautiful shell without substance. However, behind every successful project, there must also be a project team that provides the structure and direction and takes on various organizational tasks.

Gesäuse National Park

christoph unterberger

Christoph has been responsible for communication within the National Park since 2023, serving as the head of the department. Simultaneously, he has also taken on the overall coordination of the Gesäuse Partner project. Interested in learning more about Gesäuse partners, the Innovation Award, photo shoots, or the National Park? Feel free to ask Christoph.

Gesäuse Tourism Association

edeltraud platzer

If you have any questions about our shared seal or our brand, or if you need advice on its usage, or perhaps if you have an idea for a new flagship product, Edeltraud is happy to provide answers and assistance.

Styrian Eisenwurzen Nature and Geopark

Eva Maria Vorwagner

Eva Maria, who studied forestry at BOKU Vienna, oversees various projects related to sustainable forest development in the region. If you have any questions about products in the "Specialties" industry, Eva Maria will be happy to assist you.

Wildnisgebiet Dürrenstein-Lassingtal

christian "kiki" scheucher

Christian, oder "Kiki" wie ihn die meisten nennen, lebt seit einigen Jahren ganz im Osten unserer Region in Hinterwildlpen. Mehrere Jahre war er beim Tourismusverband Gesäuse beschäftigt und ist außerdem seit 2016 als Nationalpark Ranger im Gesäuse tätig. Bei Fragen zum Wildnisgebiet kannst du dich gerne an ihn wenden.