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Innovation Award


For the second time, the Gesäuse Partner Network presented the Innovation Award for the greatest innovations in the region.

„Apfelland im Gesäuse“


"We came up with the idea of letting customers pick our dessert fruit themselves in the autumn season from September to October. The idea was incredibly well received," explains the Weissensteiner family, vulgo Veitlbauer, who won first place in the Gesäuse Innovation Award in 2020. At Apfelland in the Gesäuse, guests can pick their own fruit without much effort, making it the only organic fruit farm in Styria to offer apple sales in this way.



Second place went to X'eistee - the iced tea from the Gesäuse - from Sandra and Gerhard Stangl, the herbal mountain farmers from Landl: "All the ingredients come from the farm and we take care of the entire production chain - including climate-neutral delivery by electric car.

„Alte Schule Hieflau“


The NaturparkResort Alte Schule Hieflau from Landl Infrastruktur Entwicklungs KG won bronze. Former classrooms in the old school in Hieflau were converted into flats, allowing a building that is around 100 years old to continue to be used regionally and sustainably.