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Flying Fishing

at the river enns

This beautiful flyway is about 8 km long and on average 40 to 60 meters wide .

Scenically located in the middle of the Eisenwurzen Nature Park, you can pursue your passion for fishing in a very varied section of the Enns River offering varieties like grayling, brown and rainbow trout and huchen.

We are very pleased to introduce our new 3 km long top fly stretch:
The section starts in Weißenbach near St. Gallen at the entrance to the Wolfsbachau and ends in Altenmarkt near St. Gallen at the Kessellbrücke at the border STMK/Upper Austria. It thus represents the last river kilometers in Styria. The Große Billbach from the Nusserbrücke in St. Gallen to the mouth into the Wolfswasser with a length of 8 km is part of this district.

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Fishing in the “styrian Canada”

Largely wild fish provide you with exciting drills on the fly rod. We are very proud of the exceptionally good grayling stock; the grayling is now again the leading fish in this section and is not only very numerous, but also occurs in capital sizes (the largest grayling landed measured 60 cm - even larger can be observed, for example, during spawning!) Also the brown and rainbow trout reach capital sizes in the Enns. Sightings of fish beyond the 10 kg mark are vouched for.


Gasthof Schnablin the Gesäuse

flying fishing

The many trickling stretches, quiet zones, deep pools, the gorge and the short jam at the revierende leave nothing to be desired and offer beginners and experts all the possibilities of fly fishing.


Flying Fishing

Important information

The huchen finds plenty of food in this area and can be fished very well with the fly (the largest huchen caught in recent years weighed 12 kg)!
The area is located in Styria between Altenmarkt a. d. Enns and Großreifling at the Gesäuse exit.
The water can be reached by car from Vienna in about two hours or from Linz in one hour.

Annual ticket (1 January to 31 December) € 590,-.

Day ticket (16 March to 31 December) € 70,-

3-block (16 March to 31 December) € 180,-

Enns hunting ground: https://www.activefishing.at/enns/

Precinct Enns Wolfswasser: https://www.activefishing.at/gewaesser/enns-wolfswasser/

Ticket office:

Active Fishing 1100 Vienna, Puchsbaumplatz 11/2 
Inn Schnabl, 8931 Landl, Erb 16
Warden Mike Weidinger TEL.: 0650/8305422

Territory description


The route begins below the Großreifling power plant. The basin and the chambers under the power plant wall are also immediately the first hot spots of the district. Here you can always find and catch big fish. Rainbow and brown trout mainly, but also huchen are always possible.


The next two hundred meters are fast flowing with large boulders at the bottom and here the brown trout feels most comfortable. For nymph fishermen an optimal section!

This is followed by a large, elongated pool. In clear water there are actually always fish rising and dry to catch, but nymphs and streamers are also a good choice. A hundred meters further in the next right turn starts the next Gumpen with good fish stock.
Another real hot spot is the Tamish creek mouth. Some record fish from our stretch were caught (and released) at the spot, e.g. two 60 cm grayling and a 69 rainbow!

After about 400m of flowing stretch, which is best fished with streamers, the big Klammgumpen begins. Here the biggest Huchen of the last years with 12 kg was caught, but also several other big brown and rainbow trout. The 300 m long gorge can only be fished at the inlet and outlet. If you have a Belly Boat you can experience something very special in the gorge!

At the mouth of the gorge is a large pool (the "Einserpool"), which is characterized by its abundance of fish and the uniqueness of the landscape.
Afterwards, there is a characteristic trickling stretch, well stocked with grayling and brown trout; a top spot for the dry fly enthusiast.
The Gumpen at Schafkäsbauer is again a typical big fish fishing spot. Some good Rainys and Farios have been caught here. Mostly one or two Huchen are hanging around here because of the many young grayling above.

A varied river section of about 3 km follows. Flowing stretches, pools, many bends, gravel banks and deep holes alternate and one can also achieve success with different techniques. The streamer brings fish to the hook in spring, autumn and winter, nymphs all year round and the dry promises success on grayling and trout in summer and autumn.

At the so-called "Kehrl", a long left turn around a large rock, begins a 500 m long top - grayling spot, predestined for dry fly or nymph fishing.
At the inlet of the Wolfsbach on the left bank, there are some deep draws below, which also always harbor good fish.
At the large 500m long sandbank there are again some good spots that are excellent for trout fly fishing. Nymph and streamer should also be fished here.
Afterwards follows a 300m long jam to the area at the Kaftwerk inlet, where mainly rainbow trout are caught.

Finally a hint for train drivers: The train stops in the middle of the area at the station Großreifling! On the right side you can go down to one of the best places in the area, the Tamischbach estuary.