Tours in the Ausseerland

Whether in summer or winter, on various tours, every nature lover experiences his or her personal moment of happiness in the Ausseerland-Salzkammergut:

  • Hikes across extensive, hilly landscapes
  • challenging mountain tours for experienced alpinists
  • Tours around the picturesque lakes
  • Comfortable and challenging cycling tours for e-bikers and mountain bikers
  • extensive Nordic walking and running trails as well as horse tracks
  • enchanting winter hikes and diverse cross-country ski trails
Length in km
Duration in h
Elevation gain/loss
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Accessible by public transport
Glücksplatz auf der Tauplitzalm | Tom Lamm | © Steiermark Tourismus/Tom Lamm
Bad Mitterndorf medium Closed
Route 14,5 km
Duration 5:00 h

Stage 04 From Glacier to Wine North Route Bad Mitterndorf - Tauplitzalm

Leo Himsl | © Ausseerland
Ausseerland-Salzkammergut easy Closed
Route 6,2 km
Duration 1:20 h

Freiberg cross-country ski-track in Tauplitz

Accessible by public transport
Pfarrkirche St. Peter am Kammersberg | Günther Steininger | © Gemeinde St. Peter am Kammersberg
Tauplitz challenging Open
Route 124,6 km
Duration 45:00 h

Salt Trail 09 through Styria

Accessible by public transport
Tom Lamm | © Ausseerland
Tauplitz medium Closed
Route 5,8 km
Duration 1:30 h

Tauplitz local cross country ski trail

Accessible by public transport
Leo Himsl | © Ausseerland
Ausseerland-Salzkammergut easy Closed
Route 3,4 km
Duration 0:40 h

Artificial snow trail (M4)

Winter rund um den Ödensee | Theresa Schwaiger | © Ausseerland
Pichl-Kainisch easy Open
Route 2,3 km
Duration 0:45 h

Winter hike Ödensee

Accessible by public transport
6-Seen-Wanderung Tauplitzalm | © Tourismusverband Ausseerland - Salzkammergut/T. Lamm
Ausseerland-Salzkammergut medium Closed
Route 14,8 km
Duration 4:40 h

6-lakes hike on the Tauplitzalm

Lawinenstein  | © TVB Ausseerland-Salzkammergut/T. Lamm
Liezen medium Closed
Route 8,0 km
Duration 3:30 h


Accessible by public transport
Langlaufen im Ausseerland - Salzkammergut | Leo Himsl | © Ausseerland
Pichl-Kainisch easy Closed
Route 6,6 km
Duration 1:24 h

Ödensee cross-country skiing trail (K1)

Accessible by public transport
Blick vom Kampl-Gipfel | Roland Hosp | © Mediasoft
Ausseerland-Salzkammergut medium Open
Route 13,5 km
Duration 6:50 h

Kampl circular route

Accessible by public transport
Bauernhof Duckbauer in Krungl | © TVB Ausseerland Salzkammergut_Rastl
Bad Mitterndorf easy Open
Route 5,2 km
Duration 1:30 h

Stroller tour in the district of Krungl

Tom Lamm | © Ausseerland
Bad Mitterndorf challenging Closed
Route 5,0 km
Duration 1:28 h

Sport trail (M7)

Lahngangsee von der Graswand | Hermann Rastl | © Hermann Rastl
Grundlsee medium Closed
Route 9,9 km
Duration 4:00 h

Lahngangseen & Pühringerhütte

Blick zum Grimming, im Vordergrund der Kulm mit seiner Naturflugschanze | © TVB Ausseerland-Salzkammergut_Jacqueline Korber
Ausseerland-Salzkammergut challenging Closed
Route 7,9 km
Duration 6:00 h

Mountain tour on the Grimming

Herbert Hierzegger | © Ausseerland
Ausseerland-Salzkammergut medium Closed
Route 6,0 km
Duration 1:45 h

Lärchwald cross-country ski-track on the Tauplitzalm

Accessible by public transport
Blick zum Schloß Grundlsee | Hermann Rastl | © Ausseerland
Grundlsee easy Closed
Route 3,7 km
Duration 1:30 h

Winter hike from Gössl to the Toplitzsee lake

88 Results

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