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"Via Artis Grundlsee"

The Via Artis should not only be a reminder, but a visualization of what people and artists have gained for themselves from this landscape over the past decades.
On the VIA ARTIS (Artists' Trails in Ausseerland) you can follow in the footsteps of some artists who, like many others, have chosen Ausseerland as their summer retreat or even their adopted home. Like pearls, the three self-contained artists' paths - the Via Artis Bad Aussee, the Via Artis Altaussee and the Via Artis Grundlsee - are strung together with scenic beauty and reminders of the cultural past to form a harmonious whole.



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140 hm
140 hm
771 m
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704 m
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At station I, the Seeklause, the hike begins with a magnificent view over the Grundlsee and the Tote Gebirge. This station preserves the memory of Eugenie Schwarzwald, Sigmund Freud, Felix Braun, Käthe Braun-Prager, who walked through this enchanting landscape again and again.

To Station II, walk clockwise for about 200 meters until you reach the Imperial Stables. Climbing left and walking left again, you reach Station II after about 300 meters. Here the famous conductor Herbert von Karajan is commemorated in front of the Villa Karajan. This is located in the district of Mosern. A short distance further up the road, the Promenadenweg branches off to the right to the next station.

The destination, Station III, is reached after about one kilometer. The path leads partly on an access road through the hamlets of Gasperlhof and Hopfgarten and up to the parish church of the "St. Heart of Jesus". It was consecrated in 1890, making this church the youngest in Ausseerland. At this station Johannes Ude, Katharina Wallner, Dietrich Heinrich Volz and Rudolf Jeremias Kreutz are remembered. One is on very old, rural settlement area, which is already mentioned in documents in 1280 AD.

The next destination, Station IV, is reached after about 2.5 kilometers. Follow the road, which after about 700 meters climbs steeply for a short distance. To the left, path No. 235 branches off to the Albert Appelhaus and to the summit of the Backenstein. The road ends here after a few meters. The trail continues along the edge of the forest, over the bridge of the Seisnbach, at the end of which there is a picture tree on the left. Picture trees served and still serve with their religious symbols and representations as orientation aids, as unmistakable landscape markers.

Now the path leads over the district of Rößlern through sparse beech forest to the district of Gaiswinkel. After a short descent, the path leads into a street. There you can see the lovingly designed war memorial on the right. Go left along the road for a few meters and turn right onto an access road. Follow this road for about 250 meters, cross the Mühlbach stream and you have reached station IV on the right.Here the writer Hans Weigel is commemorated. Musical people are always drawn to special and inspired landscapes. The Gaiswinkel, situated at the foot of the Backenstein, is such a special place. The farmers who had lived here for centuries used the steep grassy slopes of the mountain as pasture for their billy goats and therefore called it "Bockstein". Imperial surveyors inscribed the Bockstein on their maps as Backenstein - and it is still called that today.

Station V is reached on the continuing road. Shortly thereafter it leads downhill to the right into the district Im Kreuz. You cross Grundlseer Straße and have reached Station V at the entrance to Gabillon Haus.This commemorates Ludwig Gabillon, Romuald Pekny, Paul Dahlke and Elfe Gerhart-Dahlke as well as Edith Kramer.

Station VI is reached after about 1.5 kilometers in the Schachen district. The path leads along the shore, in the direction of Gößl. In the bend to the right, at the beginning of this section, you will pass the Chapel of the Cross, which is worth seeing, located on the right, below the sidewalk. A short detour to this religious gem is highly recommended. Along the lakeshore, the path leads to the former Ladner inn, today a guesthouse. Archduke Johann of Austria liked to stop at this inn. The path continues past the Murbodenhütt'l to the turnoff to the left into the district of Schachen. Crossing the provincial road, you go straight on the access road for a short while and reach station VI.Here in Schachen, the name means small forest, Hanns Kobinger, Hermann Broch and Josef Kainz felt at home.

Station VII, the end point, is reached in about 1.5 kilometers.Return to the sidewalk on the right side of the road in the direction of Gößl and walk straight ahead through a housing estate, keep left and continue the hike along the sidewalk to the traffic circle in Gößl. Here you will find the boat dock on the right and the bus stop on the left. The hike goes left along the access road and passes the small village church. It is the property of 14 Gößl families.Gößl is an old Slavic word and means goat pasture area. After 200 m we reach the station VII on the left side of the small Gößl village square.Here, besides Archduke Johann of Austria, Konrad Mautner, Alexander Baumann and Matthias Johann Ranftl are also remembered. They all drew strength from this diverse, enchanting landscape. Their vision, works and deeds became an indispensable part of the living folk culture of the Ausseerland. You can return to the starting point either by boat, bus or cab.



Follow the footsteps of creative people who lived here and found inspiration for their work.
Paid parking is available at the parking lot Fischersteg. It is only a few minutes walk to the starting point of the Via Artis.
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