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The Salzkammerweg not only leads through a magnificent landscape, but also to numerous places where the breath of history blows around. Step by step you walk through centuries and millennia from one interestingly prepared highlight to the next.
The "Salzkammerweg" adventure trail leads around the "Hoher Sarstein". The cross-regional circular hiking trail presents itself with a lot of variety. On its approximately 48-kilometer-long route, marked adventure points provide information about agricultural, geological, historical and prehistoric features. Due to the good connection to public transportation, the trail allows for interruptions and later continuation. The hike can be started in the Ausseerland as well as in the Inner Salzkammergut and is suitable for all ages. A good addition is the boat trip on the Hallstättersee.

The stages are described according to historical epochs or traditional use:

  • From Koppenrast to Hotel Wasnerin the "path through the wilderness".
  • From Hotel Wasnerin to Waldgraben the "Historic Salt Trail" stage
  • From Waldgraben to Kriemoos the "Roman Trail
  • From Kriemoos to Au the "Goiserer Almweg" (alpine path) From Au to Koppenrast the "World Heritage".




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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
49,2 km
14:00 h
982 hm
982 hm
1031 m
Highest point
500 m
Lowest point

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The walk from the railway station to the Sarstein is the only way to the access of the Salzkammerweg.

Bad Aussee, Bad Goisern and Obertraun are some points during the route which tell about a spectacular history, especially regarding to the trade of salt.

Starting at the railway station in Bad Aussee you follow the signpostings of the "Koppental-Wanderweg" until you reach the area Sarstein. From then on you shall walk to the Hotel Wasnerin and along the road "Sommersbergseestraße" until you reach the so-called "Mayerlsiedlung". From now on you follow the signpostings of the theme walk "Via Artis" unitl you reach the so-called "Lenauhügel.

You carry on in the direction of the Alpengarten, were you head to the left on a path through the forest until you reach again the main road. Crossing this road you go into the direction of the area Lichtersberg and follow the signpostings towards the waterfall. Maybe you take a quick side trip to the castle ruin "Bergruine Pflindsberg", before you start following the signpostings of the theme walk "Via Salis" in order to get to the former restaurant "Waldgraben" Reaching the forest we carry on following the mountain bike route towards the mountain pasture Halleralm on forest roads. After about 600 meters you shall take a marked paht in direction to the mountain pasture "Oberleislingalm and later on to the Steinhüttenalm, where the way leads also to the Hütteneck. More or less always to the left direction you follow the signpostings and reasch finally St. Agatha.

From the church in this village you walk along the main road a bit towards the lake. Just before the railway crossing we turn to the left in order to reach the walking path "Hallstätter Ostuferweg, which leads on a taramac road to Obersee and then along the lake straight ahead with some small up- and downhills to the railwaystation in Hallstatt, from where you carry on to Obertraun.


Just before the village is the turn to the left side in order to carry on our initial tour. First we walk bellow the railway route and then upwards. From then on to the right (Höhenweg Nr. 1) towards the graveyard, shortly along the raod and then again the pathway above village. Through a forest we reach the main road and the railway station Obertraun-Koppenbrühlerhöhle. We carry on walking the beautiful path through this valley until we reach again the area Sarstein and finally the railway station in Bad Aussee.

Railway station nearby: Bad Aussee

ÖBB (train): 

Parking available at the railway station in Bad Aussee!


What the weather will be like

Altaussee (727m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
The day will be dry, but mostly cloudy with occasional sunny spells.
5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Early morning sunshine, soon followed by showers and finally thunderstorms.
14°C 29°C
15°C 25°C
13°C 27°C

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