Grundlsee im Winter mit Fischkalter | © Waltraud Loitzl Grundlsee im Winter mit Fischkalter | © Waltraud Loitzl

Fishing at the Grundlsee


The fishing license is available at the information office Grundlsee during opening hours. With this license only pike, perch and aitel may be caught without restriction on the number.

Please note the applicable license conditions: Fishing regulations for the practice of angling in the waters of the forestry enterprise Inneres Salzkammergut. The practice of angling in the waters mentioned below is only possible with a valid fishing license. The legal requirement for the acquisition of these licenses is the possession of a fishing guest card or the possession of a fishing card for the province of Styria.The forestry operation is free to refuse applications for fishing licenses without giving reasons. Issued licenses are not taken back. Fish that are put back are to be handled as gently as possible. No throwing back - only gently put back! Taken fish are to be transported dead. Fishing in the Grundlsee: Minors from the age of 8 to the age of 14 may fish without a fishing license, but only in the company and under the supervision of a parent or guardian who is in possession of a fishing license. Perceived license violations of other licensees are to be reported immediately to the Grundlsee Fishery or at the Fishery Center.

The provisions of the Styrian Fisheries Act 2000 are to be observed. The orders of the sworn supervisors must be obeyed. Violation of these regulations will result in the immediate revocation of the fishing license without exception and without compensation. The licensee is solely liable and responsible for any damage caused or accidents of any kind, including those of accompanying persons or children. ÖBf AG is only liable for damage caused by it intentionally or through gross negligence. The licensee shall indemnify and hold ÖBf AG harmless against all claims of third parties in connection with this licence agreement. in connection with this licence agreement. By purchasing a license, you expressly agree to our fishing regulations and undertake to comply with them. Unredeemed licenses lose their validity at the end of the respective year and are not transferable to the next year.

No refund in case of non-redemption. Attention Wading is dangerous. Use wading belts and suitable footwear! Petri Heil! I. License conditions for the Grundlsee PIKE FISHING LICENSES The Grundlsee may be fished without tributaries and without lake outflow - specifically excluded are the three year-round protected areas " Kinderstube Seeforellen": Protection area 1 - area boat hut Öbf fishery across the lake to the boathouse Villa Castiglione Protected area 2 - area from the Gössl boat landing to the Wienern bathing hut (entire estuary of the Toplitz and Stimitz brooks) Protected area 3 - area 50 m to the left and right of the mouth of the Zimitz into the Grundlsee.

These three protected areas were established in order to re-establish a good lake and brown trout population in Grundlsee. Pike fishing season: months June to August Fishing practice: shore maps For your own safety, please be aware of a possible rockfall hazard on the south shore in the area of the Ressen. Pike fishing (from June to August) may be practiced during daylight hours with 2 fishing rods with one hook each. Plugs with treble hooks are allowed. The use of echo sounder of any kind is not allowed.

Only pike, perch and aitel may be caught without restriction on numbers. The sale of these is not allowed. The catch of SEA and BAKFORELLEN is prohibited! If any are caught during pike fishing, they are to be handled as gently as possible and must be put back immediately. If possible, the hook must be loosened in the water and the and not to torment the trout by unnecessary photography. As bait for pike fishing are allowed flashers and plugs of all kinds or dead bait fish (aitel and perch - no salmonids).

Only fish from the Grundlsee may be used as bait fish. Bait fishing is also not allowed in the closed areas. A distance of 50 m must be maintained from fishing gear set out by professional fishermen. When fishing only for perch, a free license is issued. This applies only to minors up to the age of 14. Perch fishing may also take place only under the supervision of an accompanying person.

No minimum catch length applies to pike fishing. Season ticket holders must keep the catch book, which is issued with the license. This book must be carried at all times and every fish caught and kept, as well as salmonids caught that have to be put back, must be entered. For salmonids, a length estimate is sufficient. Perch do not need to be entered.

All daily or weekly ticket holders must keep catch statistics. Each fish must be entered immediately after catching.


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