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Styria - The Green Heart of Austria

Welcome to the greenest state in Austria, its Green Heart, which is around 60% forest. The land of mountains and forests, of wine and gardens and of towns and encounters. This is all typically Styrian. It is primarily, of course, the warm-heartedness of the people, followed by the many products that grow directly on our doorstep.  Whether pumpkins, apples or the magnificent wine from the vineyards of the south.










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The 117 landlords belonging to the Kulinarium Steiermark (Styrian Culinary Delights) initiative and their numerous colleagues spread over the entire state also know exactly how to prepare the tender meat of the Styrian almo oxen, how to serve exquisite dishes made from the huge variety of products from nature's garden and how to treat you well all round. While we are on the subject: the Green Heart of Austria does not just treat you to its gastronomy. We have every kind of landscape for you - a sight for sore eyes!