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Wellness holidays in the green heart of Austria

Health & well-being in Styria

What could be better than feeling good? In recent years, Styria has become Austria's health and wellness destination no. 1: Healing thermal water – which according to a study by MedUni Graz helps to lower stress hormones –, beautiful nature, as well as culinary delights from the region all contribute to pure well-being.

In select health & wellness hotels and at nine thermal spas between Bad Mitterndorf and Bad Radkersburg, the focus is on health, pleasure, and vitality.

Those looking for even more relaxation should give a treatment with Styrian products a try: They not only taste excellent but also do a body good when applied externally to your skin. Our ancestors already took advantage of the healing properties of natural products such as apples, pumpkins or grapes, and this old knowledge has been enriched with new insights. Now guests in Styria are pampered with treatments such as apple massages or pumpkin seed oil scrubs.

Wellness and health – to your heart's content

Styria offers everything a holidaymaker's heart desires when it comes to relaxation and wellness. Classic, Far Eastern as well as innovative regional treatments and natural wellness procedures will accompany you on the path to a new-found zest for life. In the north, fresh mountain air, salt or Swiss stone pine are used to invigorate body and mind. In the south, natural products such as apples, grapes, pumpkins and elderberries are applied in soothing packs, baths and for massages.

To top it all off: How about a sauna visit in front of a snow-covered mountain backdrop or a herbal pack with a view of the vineyards in autumn? Wellness dreams definitely come true in Styria.

Thermal spas in Styria

Heart-warming variety: In a total of nine spas between the Ausseerland-Salzkammergut region and the Spa Country, well-being is a top priority. And because each of these spas specialises in different offers, the result is a diverse range of possibilities for relaxation and regeneration.

The common feature: In all spas, you can immerse yourself in healing waters, get pampered with various spa treatments or spice up your holiday with some bathing fun.

Different interpretations ... of the meaning of wellness gave rise to alpine pasture wellness offers and thermal spa offers in a wide range of variations. Many of them are based on the different landscapes, natural environment, range of products and treatments that characterise the various regions.

Styria is the most densely wooded federal state in Austria, with 62 per cent of its territory covered by forests. The north, in particular, with its lush woodlands, invites you to go forest bathing. The scent of the Swiss stone pine forests, babbling mountain streams and the soft rustling of the leaves help you recharge your batteries.

In the warm south and east, tasty treasures of the regions such as apple, pumpkin and wine are used to pamper your body and soothe your soul. Whether it's in the form of healthy Styrian cuisine or as part of a relaxing massage or beauty treatment in the six thermal spas of the Styrian Spa Country – they'll do you a world of good. 

The well-being of their guests is a top priority for our Styrian wellness experts. The constant development and rediscovery of treatments, techniques and recipes speak for their innovative spirit when it comes to health and well-being.

Spas and health resorts

In the spas and health resorts of Styria, you will meet health experts that put their heart into the treatments they offer. Along with the healing effects of the Styrian climate and thermal water, this creates the perfect environment for achieving an entirely new sense of well-being.

More about the health resorts

Time for a spiritual retreat

When, if not while travelling, do you have the perfect opportunity to focus on your needs and find your way back to yourself? A stay at a monastery or a pilgrimage through the impressive landscapes of Styria can work wonders in this regard.

Spiritual travel in Styria

Grünkraft Styria

Draw new strength and vitality from the healing powers of nature. Grünkraft Steiermark companions offer experiences in nature that will help restore your inner balance.