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Switch off and recharge


Turn it all off and recharge your batteries in Hochsteiermark: experience holiday between Semmering, Hochschwab and the Eisenerz alps. Imposing mountains, gentle alpine landscapes and a unique wealth of forests and water allow you to immerse yourself in nature. Lived miners' customs with long traditions and at the same time innovations also bring living culture closer.

Hochsteiermark is very refreshing and genuine between Semmering, Hochschwab and the Eisenerz alps. Deep green forests, crystal-clear water and a mountainous landscape, through which the Mur Cycling Path or the Hiking Route From the Glacier to the Wine also lead, invite you to enjoy sporting and relaxing or adrenaline-kicking activities. The unique montane technology in turn stands for tradition and customs in the region. All of this can be experienced on the BergZeitReise [time travel through the mountains], a multi-day round-trip hike through all of Hochsteiermark in the most varied of facets.

You will certainly not hide your feelings under a bushel, because shady spots and food in alpine cabins so good it could be star-rated will seduce your heart to a high-altitude flight of feelings. Enjoy a couple of hours together on a picnic, whether on the water, land or in alpine pastures. And since the way to true love is through your stomach, Hochsteiermark delicacies, such as Wurzelspeck, Wildkas and Gamswurzen, await you.

In winter, Hochsteiermark is a true paradise for the whole family. You will find fun in the snow away from the crowded and high-priced slopes here. Instead, young and old ski lovers can romp about in 16 ski areas, far away from the hustle and bustle. The whole family will surely want to return after enjoying some fabled winter hikes and breathtaking ski trips.

Green mountains, white rock faces – the state colours of Styria are also the colours of the Hochsteiermark mountains and companions on the Hiking Route From the Glacier to the Wine through Hochsteiermark. In between, mountain lakes glisten, such as Green Lake or Sackwiesensee.There is a special multi-day round trip tour around the Hiking Route From the Glacier to the Wine where you can discover and explore the region: the BergZeitReise [time travel through the mountains]. It is a path that brings all hikers from a wild mountain landscape to the gentle low mountains range, and from secluded natural landscapes into the heart of high-tech regions on the Mur and Mürz. It is a path that combines tradition and innovation and takes you from the past to a view into the future.

Municipalities in Upper Styria

Here you will find an overview of all the municipalites in Upper Styria.

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Hiking to the Hochschwab (Hochsteiermark) | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm
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© Steiermark Tourismus | Leo Himsl