Wine pleasure at  wine-growing estate Kästenburg, Southern Styria | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm

Südsteiermark, Schilcherland & Lipizzanerheimat

Experience the distinctive and romantic landscape of southern and western Styria and cycle, hike and stroll through the vineyards of the home of the Lipizzaners, through Schilcherland to southern Styria and try a 'Brettljause' snack with a good glass of wine.

Southern and western Styria - the enjoyment landscape of Styria! Think of a heaping portion of vineyard landscape, a herd of spirited Lipizzaner horses and a shot of Styrian pumpkin seed oil, refine this with an eighth of excellent wine, and voilà! This is what the three "enjoyment corners" of southern Styria, Schilcherland and the home of the Lipizzaners, the regions of southern and western Styria, offer you. Wildly romantic southern Styria with the constant "up and down" of the vineyards, the poplars on their "plots" and the ubiquitous vineyard slopes is the epitome of ideal wine landscape for the connoisseur and likely one of the most impressive regions in Styria.

Schilcher & pumpkin seed oil: enjoyment in rosé and green. Schilcherland is an enjoyable landscape, with Schilcher wine and Styrian pumpkin seed oil as culinary business cards. It is considered one of the oldest wine-growing areas. Or visit the Lipizzaner stud farm and their "nursery", the Stölzle Glass Centre, the St. Barbara Church designed by Hundertwasser or the NOVA thermal springs to relax. Experience culture and cuisine from affectionate people in the home of the Lipizzaners.

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