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Lipizzanergestüt Piber


Welcome to the home of the Lipizzaners

Each spring we expect around 40 foals at the Lipizzanerheimat. They spend their first years, in the beginning by their mother’s side, at our Lipizzaner Studfarm Piber.

Lipizzan horses are noble, strong and precious. Nobody can say yet which of the foals that frolic in our ‘kindergarten’ will be the future star of the Spanish Riding School. All those who want to get to know the
oldest European horse breed beyond the Spanish Riding School will be comfortable in the Lipizzanerheimat amid welcoming, untouched nature…
What is good for the horses is also good for people.

Worth visiting 365 days a year

In 1920, after WWI, the Imperial Studfarm of Austria’s remaining string of precious Lipizzaners was transferred to Piber.

Producing the best Lipizzaner stallions to enter the Spanish Riding School and delighting more than 150,000 visitors every year from all over the world has always been the goal of the breeding programme at Piber Studfarm – a feature of the list of intangible UNESCO cultural heritage since 2016.

Thus, it has been for almost 100 years that, every spring, the cute dark foals can be seen clumsily

springing around by their mother’s side in the yellow sea of dandelions covering the lush pastures of the Styrian ‘Wild West’.

In this magical hilly landscape not far from Graz, where world-renowned artists have left their remarkable traces, lies the nursery of the Maestosos, Plutos, Favories, Neapolitanos, Conversanos and Siglavies, whom you may have had the pleasure of watching at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. These six classic stallion dynasties, as well as 17 additional mare lines, make the string of Lipizzaners in Piber unique around the world.

Piber is home to around 75 mares, powerful training and presentation horses for stud events, and breeding stallions of the Spanish Riding School. It is also home to mares and stallions enjoying their well-deserved retirement and, of course, the foals.

What are you waiting for?

The noble Lipizzaner fascinates people of all ages.


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