Cycling in spring: apple blossom at the Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour close to Puch, Eastern Styria. | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm

Frequently asked questions - FAQ

When is the best time to travel?

The ideal time to travel is surely from May to September, although it can be very warm in the summer at mid-day in the south of Styria. The cycling season in the southern part of the Mur Cycling Path starting at Graz, however, may begin as early as March or April, depending on the weather. Please note, however, that it can still be quite chilly in the mornings and evenings during these months.


Is the Mur Cycling Path uniformly signposted?

The signage of the state and county bike paths is uniform in Styria with green signs and white lettering. These green signs with white letters are sited at least at each intersection and turnoff, also in between for longer distances, and at all main points. In the case of the Mur Cycling Path, the name on the sign is "Mur Cycling Path R2". Town and mileage information can always be found on the signs. Thus, finding your way and planning the next stage of the route is very simple. The signage is actually designed to accompany the tour and is not suitable for finding your way at a racing speed!


Can I transport my bike on the train when travelling by train?

Bikes and trains are a great combination in Styria. Bikes can be taken on the trains of the three Styrian rail companies. Please note, however, that space is limited. For more information about bike transport, click here:


Tip: The cost-effective and popular cyclist ticket that is a combination of a train ticket and bicycle transportation is available for the transport of bicycles within Styria. Detailed information about these connections, including information about bicycle transport, can be obtained from Mobil Zentral, the service centre for public transport in Styria:

Mobil Zentral Information Office
Jakoministraße 1, 8010 Graz
Tel. +43 (0)50 678910


 You must reserve a place for your bicycle for long-distance transport (Railjet, Intercity, Eurocity and Nightjet). The online reservation costs EUR 3.00. With the ÖBB customer service on +43 (0)5 1717 and at the ÖBB ticket counter you will pay EUR 3.50 for your bike. Please note: bicycles with a tyre size of at least 29 inches, tandem bicycles, recumbent bicycles and bicycle trailers can only be transported in special luggage compartments. Online reservations cannot be made for these. In order to guarantee the best possible sequence of events, please note that the trains do not stop for very long. So please find out in advance about the location of the bicycle coach and please take luggage (e.g. panniers) off your bike in due time before the train arrives. In the case of rail replacement transport at short notice, the ÖBB hopes you can understand that no bicycles can be taken on the buses.


How do I get back to the starting point?

With more than 70 railway stations along the Mur Cycling Path, there are ideal conditions for a daily arrival and departure by train. With this connection to the public transport network, the Mur Cycling Path can also easily be divided into several sections. You can get on the path virtually anywhere, because the train accompanies the Mur Cycling Path all the way from Tamsweg to Bad Radkersburg. The  traffic information  of the Verbundlinie [Network Line] Styria is ideal for planning and any questions about timetables. Simply enter the desired start and end point of the tour along the Mur Cycling Path enter and use the timetable inquiry to query the transport connections.


An attractive alternative is the Bike Express from Bacher Travel . The return transfer from Bad Radkersburg to St. Michael or Muhr in the Lungau is thus quite easy and convenient. Additional information can be found here.


Is there accommodation that specialises in cyclists?

Many hosts along the Mur Cycling Path may have the quality seal of "Bed+Bike Business" of the General German Bicycle Club or belong to the group Cycling Hotels of Styria. Whether a four star hotel, private room or guesthouse – all excellent lodgings offer cyclists safe parking for their bikes, drying facilities for clothing or a hearty breakfast that sets them up for the upcoming day's stage. However, because cycling tourism has a long tradition along the Mur Cycling Path, all establishments along the route are actually oriented to cycling tourists and have appropriate things on offer.


Should I reserve accommodation in advance?

It is recommended that you reserve your first accommodation as soon as you know your arrival day. After that, if you only reserve your accommodation on the day itself, you can be on the go entirely according to your mood and the weather. Generally, there will be a sufficient number of free rooms still available. In general, however, it is better to book your accommodation in advance, especially in the high season and on the weekends. The tourist information offices along the Mur Cycling Path are happy to help with the search. If you value your accommodation being to a certain specification or not exceeding a budget and it is to be located directly on the Mur Cycling Path, then we definitely recommend reserving in advance. We recommend making a reservation, especially if you are travelling with several people.


Please note that in the context of major events at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, it is very difficult to find availability between Judenburg and Gleinalm. If you are travelling at these times, plan the stages accordingly and reserve your lodging in advance. You can find details about the events here.


Is a luggage transfer possible?

Yes, the travel agency of Styria Tourism, Steiermark Touristik, is happy to help organise your luggage transport and accommodation booking in cooperation with partners such as Bacher Travel, Eurobike or Active Holiday Styria.


Where can I find bicycle rentals?

There are several versions of bicycle rental available (city bikes, trekking bikes, electric bikes) along the Mur Cycling Path. Sometimes you can hire the bikes for the day, weekend or week. Sometimes the rental bikes are only available to hotel guests, occasionally even for free. Please obtain detailed information from the respective provider. You will find an overview of bicycle rentals here.

Can I combine the Mur Cycling Path with other bike paths?

There is a variety of cycling routes to choose from along the Mur Cycling Path enabling you to cycle across Austria or discover the hinterland of the Mur Cycling Path in combination with these cycling tours.

Examples of possible combinations would be

  • the connection of the Mur Cycling Path at St. Michael in order to get to Linz via the Rastland Cycling Path R15 and the Enns Cycling Path R7 (in combination with the Danube Cycling Path) or in order to head to Salzburg (in this case, in combination with the Tauern Cycling Path)
  • the connection of the Mur Cycling Path at Bruck an der Mur with the Mürztal Cycling Path R5 and the Semmering Cycling Path R46 in order to subsequently get to Wiener Neustadt and Vienna via the Schwarzatal Cycling Path (in Bad Erlach we meet up with the EuroVelo 9 that leads to Bad Radkersburg, the end point of the Austrian section of the Mur Cycling Path)
  • the connection of the Mur Cycling Path with the Drau Cycling Path at Fisching via the Zirbenland Cycling Path R26 and the Lavant Valley Cycling Path R10
  • Round trips in combination with the Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour: on the one hand the version from Graz via eastern Styria and thermal springs country to Bad Radkersburg, where we meet up with the Mur Cycling Path, and on the other hand the option of cycling from Leibnitz via Deutschlandsberg to Graz, where the two tours meet up

Our interactive trip planner offers the ideal assistance when putting together your trip. Simply draw in your desired locations / points along the red marked cycling paths and the trip planner will provide you with a suggested route based on the country's cycling routes network, including distance and altitude information plus an overview map.


Is the Mur Cycling Path also suitable for children?

After the Mur Cycling Path has run downhill all the way along the river, almost the entire bike trail is suitable for families if the children have experience with cycling. The following sections are recommended due to the minor differences in altitude that have to be overcome, and the children's attractions along these sections:

  • Tamsweg - Murau with Finstergrün Castle, the Timber Museum, the Kreischberg mountain railways and the old town of Murau
  • Bruck an der Mur - Graz with the Bärenschützklamm gorge, the Lurgrotte cave, the Stübing open-air museum and Graz with all its attractions
  • Leibnitz - Bad Radkersburg with the Roman excavations in Falvia Solva, the Genussregal [Enjoyment Shelf display] at Vogau, the Mureck ship mill and to finish the thermal springs park in Bad Radkersburg


Is there GPS tracking available for the Mur Cycling Path?
Yes, you can find the GPS tracking for the entire route as well as for each stage of the Mur Cycling Path here.


Is there another special tip for holiday planning?

Guests receive the GenussCard after staying one night at a GenussCard host on the sections through eastern Styria and thermal springs country, which gives them free access to over 120 excursion destinations. Among them: swimming pools, swimming lakes, golf and mini golf courses, museums, tastings or factory tours. The GenussCard is always valid from the beginning of March until the beginning of November. Detailed information about the card can be found at


Subject to change - There is no guarantee that all information is correct, despite careful research!

As of: January 2017