Styrian feel-good massage | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm

Wellness and Beauty

Wine and water are closely intertwined in Styria. Six of the nine Styrian thermal springs bubble up out of the depths of the earth near the idyllic vineyards. Yoga in an alpine pasture or a jog through the vineyard? Relaxing with a vineyard or herbal sauna with a view of the peaks? Well-being is a pure question of taste and lies in the nature of things.

This is especially true in Styria where nine thermal springs between Bad Aussee and Bad Radkersburg refresh the body with various specialisations, revive the mind and pamper the soul. The hot springs bubbling out of the depths of the earth lower your stress level and invite you to go for a healthy and revitalising swim. Accompanying traditional, Far-Eastern and innovative applications create new dimensions of well-being and the landscape around you plays its part.

What thrives here has special powers. In the north, fresh air, herbs, salt and stone pines revive and vitalise. In the south, apples, elderberry, pumpkin seeds and grape seeds beautify. From walking on grass to Ayurveda massages. Classical and Far-Eastern applications go hand-in-hand. Therapeutic and medicinal treatments provide for gentle healing and mental health provides a new zest for life.