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Organic Holiday in Styria

Styria is and eats organic – even on holiday! Enjoyment in its purest form, on the farm, at the hotel or at an organic restaurant. The green heart of Austria has a long tradition in terms of organic cultivation. Now nearly 20 per cent of the agricultural land is used for purely organic purposes and cultivation. More than 3,400 farms have already fully committed themselves to being organic and day after day live to bring the 75,000-hectare area in harmony with nature as conscientiously as possible.

Everything tastes better on holiday. The hard-boiled egg at breakfast, the milk, the cheese. Especially when all of the wonderful things are reliably organic. With more vitamins and vital substances in them, free of chemical residues, antibiotics and genetically modified organisms. From their origin to the plate, that's what all "Organic Holiday Styria" places of business now guarantee. From the rustic organic farm to the dapper organic restaurant to the organically managed hotel. Each of these businesses has undergone a rigorous inspection and has been awarded with the organic certificate, which guarantees to you that everything that has organic on it, is truly organic!