The Most Beautiful Cross-Country Ski Regions

Obliged by a good reputation! The cross-country regions in Styria know to what they owe this reputation and insist on guaranteed quality as absolute pioneers in Austria. Perfectly prepared traditional trails and skating routes, safety precautions, the corresponding infrastructure and guaranteed snow are the prerequisites for being awarded the Styrian cross-country ski run seal of quality.

The Styrian Ski Association checks, inspects and vouches for cross-country ski run quality. For only the best is good enough for our guests! In order to stay on track, the right movement is key on cross-country skis. For even if your torso and legs are strengthened and toned both when skating and when using the traditional technique in the cross-country ski run, both techniques have to be learned from a professional. "Cross-country ski runs in six hours" are offered in our cross-country ski schools.