Cross-country skiing with view of the Grimming, Ausseerland - Salzkammergut | © Steiermark Tourismus |

The Heart on the Trail

Deep snowy landscapes, crystal clear mountain air and fantastic panoramas. You can feel your body and your personal rhythm when cross-country skiing. You enjoy the silence and breathe. Leave stress and the hustle and bustle behind you, strengthen vitality and endurance. The quality of the cross-country regions and cross-country ski hotels awarded with the cross-country seal of quality invite you to an unforgettable cross-country skiing holiday in Austria!

Allow yourself to be taken on an adventurous journey with two destinations. On the one hand, it brings us through the most beautiful Styrian winter landscapes and, on the other hand, it leads us to ourselves. How does that work? We look for the right track and we stay in it. On two boards and with open eyes for the landscape and your body. Today we know how healthy cross-country skiing actually is. Savour it: we use 600 muscles in the body simultaneously. You cannot exercise the heart and circulation better. You also protect your joints, enjoy the landscape around you and lose excess kilos in the process.

But the special thing about cross-country skiing is that it clears our head. Not only do we stay on track, but the stress of everyday is left behind. And in the evening, perhaps after a twilight run, when we feel how our body has reacted positively, then it is a feeling of happiness that is only rarely experienced. Our Styrian businesses also know exactly how to spoil you after a day outdoors. And: cross-country skiing is easy to learn. We always say that anyone who can walk, can cross-country ski. With this in mind, let's go on our big trip to Styria and our soul!