Xeiswildgenuss aus dem Gesäuse | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm

Recipes from Styria

The way to someone's heart is known to be through their stomach. The love for Styria works the same way, namely with excellent cuisine and valuable products from the region. Pumpkin seed oil, runner beans, alpine oxen fillet, wine or Styrian apples of course can't be missed.

From pumpkin soup to Styrian pork pot roast [Wurzelfleisch], or baked apple rings to classic Christmas biscuits, no matter the season connoisseurs will get their money's worth. Here you will find how delicious Styrian dishes are conjured up from the precious local ingredients as well as numerous recipe ideas. From appetisers, such as soups, salads or jellies [Sülzchen], to meat or fish dishes with crisp vegetables to sweet desserts, Styrian cuisine has quite a bit to offer. Whether modern dishes or home cooking, be inspired by the following Styrian recipes to cook for yourself.

We wish you success and a bon appetit!