Vinegar Manufatory Gölles, Riegersburg | © Weinland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger


Volcanoes shaped today's gentle hilly landscape in the east of Styria. People are still benefiting from the fertile soils here. The region is considered the fruit orchard of the country. The harvest can be enjoyed in direct warm sunlight, but is also the basis for particularly fine products: delicious fruit vinegars.

The fruit has to be fresh, fully mature and particularly juicy so that first-class vinegar can be produced from it. With intuition, lots of quietness and love, true culinary delights are created that have now become an indispensable element of fine cuisine, such is the creed of Gölles Manufaktur in Riegersburg. Not only is apple vinegar produced here, but also typical pear varieties and regional wines are matured into fine vinegars and other garden classics, including cherries, plums or quinces. The Essigmanufaktur Fischerauer has been successfully creating 40 types of vinegar for 15 years, such as apple, blackberry or tomato. At the Essigmanufaktur Oswald/Schaffer, on the other hand, the finest Styrian and vegan speciality vinegar is produced. The vinegar producers are happy to invite you into their factories. The visitors will learn everything about vinegar and are then of course able to test the wares, from classic apple vinegar to the unusual plum vinegar.