Schnaps of Swiss stone pine | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm

Swiss Stone Pine

Evergreen flexible needles, reddish-brown wood: We are talking about the fine Swiss stone pine, which appears predominantly in the alpine region and is affectionately called the "king of the Alps". In Styria, people love the Swiss stone pine not only for the wonderful fragrance, but especially because it can be used to make valuable products.

Styrian carpenters very carefully work the Swiss stone pine into precious natural furniture, with a feeling of well-being and health. Particularly popular are the stone pine beds, whose pleasant fragrance and sturdiness ensure an incomparably restful sleep. The extraordinary healing power of the stone pine has always been known. A daily walk in a stone pine forest was good for your health and was even thought to drive away evil thoughts. The Swiss stone pine finds practical uses in the production of essential oils, incense, furniture, panelling, shingles or carvings. However, it is not just the wood, but also the fruits of the Swiss pine tree that are used. Styrians used the red pine cones to make the classic among the herbal schnapps, the "Zirberl". The schnapps itself has a red shimmering colour and in the schnapps glass ("Stamperl" in Styrian) it develops its tart distinctive taste. The Zirberl is very popular and pairs well with a snack on the alpine pasture or quite simply on its own.

Bowl filled with arolla pine cones | © Meisterwelten | Tom Lamm

Swiss Stone Pine Shop Frewein

A versatile tree and its products
Not only does it smell good, but it is also very popular on account of its health-promoting aspects: The Swiss stone pine. The stone pine wood is also used for decorative purposes. Would you like to experience how a Swiss stone pine schnapps shop works and discover products revolving around the Swiss stone pine tree? Then you are in just the right place at the Pflanzenhof Frewein in Swiss stone pine country!