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The area around Graz and the southern districts of Styria are ideal for the cultivation of salads. The "aristocrat" among them is the Graz Krauthäuptel. Starting in mid-March to November, you can find this vitamin-packed lettuce in farmers' markets.

The delicately crisp, slightly sweet taste of the Krauthäuptel makes it a valuable dish and healthy companion to any meal. The rich green lettuce with reddish leaf tips literally enters into a natural symbiosis with seed oil, but it is also an enjoyment with other delicious dressings. Every year, more than 10 million heads of the Styrian lettuce speciality reach the market, which is popular among more than just Styrians. It is harvested early in the morning so that it still arrives fresh in the salad bowl on the same day. The most popular leaf salad in Styria is not just a true culinary pleasure, but it also has something in the "head", namely a wealth of vitamin C, minerals and fibre. Depending on the taste, the Krauthäuptel can be combined with fresh herbs, such as chives, parsley, cress or basil. It tastes best with fresh radishes and of course the original Styrian pumpkin seed oil.

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Styrian Farmers Markets

Enjoy fresh products from the local regions
Regional products are relied on in the pleasure capital of Graz. Many farmers markets present culinary specialities and old varieties. The Styrian regions are in no way inferior here. In small historic cities, local delicacies are offered at farmers markets: from farmer's bread and spicy bacon to fresh flowers, sweet cakes and various varieties of fruits and vegetables.