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Runner Beans

It is the region of south-eastern Styria, in the middle of thermal springs country, where the "Illyrian climate" influenced by the Mediterranean not only favours the wine, but also the Styrian runner bean. The runner bean is primarily grown in the districts east of the Mur.

The runner bean is found around Bad Radkersburg, Feldbach, Weiz, Hartberg and Fürstenfeld. In cultivation, a common culture has been established with maize, which serves to support the runner bean. In the autumn, both are threshed together. The subsequent mechanical separation, drying and cleaning up to the hand-picking ensure the exceptional quality of the Styrian runner bean that, when carefully stored, can be offered the whole year round. After being placed in water for 12 to 14 hours and then cooked, the south Styrian runner bean is mainly used in salads (with plenty of pumpkin seed oil), soups and also in the main dishes of regional wine taverns and inns to create delicious meals. Spotted in black-violet and very large as beans go, it impresses in the kitchen with its versatile possible uses. The runner bean is characterised by a delicate consistency and a slightly nutty flavour.