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Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil

The production of Styrian pumpkin seed oil has changed considerably over the years. Nothing has changed about the extraordinary taste and the quality. Quality that has a name: Styrian pumpkin seed oil ggA. Every bottle, pressed from about 35,000 seeds, has a label with its own control number, which documents the path of the pumpkin seed from the field to the press and thus ensures the origin of the pumpkin seeds, the manufacture of the oil in oil mills and the one hundred per cent purity of the green gold.

Dark green enjoyment - Seed oil is in season all year. Pumpkin seed oil tastes great - not just on salads, but also in spreads, on sheep's cheese, in soups, on egg dishes and even in cakes. Curiosity: pumpkin confectionery or pumpkin liqueur. The seed oil shimmers in a wonderfully deep green colour, smells nutty and has an intense flavour. In addition, the Styrian pumpkin seed oil g.g.A. also scores with its high content of unsaturated fatty acids and the tremendous amount of Vitamin E. Furthermore, it is free of cholesterol. Seed oil thus makes an important contribution to a healthy and balanced diet. All of these and even more delicacies can be tried at partner businesses of the Styrian Oil Trail.

Seed oil as a culinary business card. The warm Mediterranean climate provides for countless hours of sunshine and, in addition to clear views, also provides the perfect conditions for the Styrian oil pumpkins, numerous other pumpkin varieties, grape vines and fine chestnuts to thrive. That is why the Styrian Oil Trail is a very special and unique landscape to enjoy, with the rose-coloured Schilcher and the Styrian pumpkin seed oil g.g.A. as culinary business cards.

By the way: pumpkin oil stains are best whitened with direct sunlight!

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Pumpkin Seed Oil Makes You Beautiful...

Lip balm, soaps, etc.
The product range of the western Styrian family Farmer-Rabensteiner is varied. What looks unusual at first sight is easily explained with the biological properties of the seed oil: The oil is marked by a high and very well-balanced content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. It is recommended to use cosmetic products made from pumpkin seed oil, especially for dry and brittle skin.