Lavender field in Kitzeck, Sausaler wine street (Southern Styria) | © Vino Cool | Schiffer-Symbol


On the alpine pastures and predominantly organically fertilised meadows of our farmers, you can find tasty goodies: herbs! The ingredients such as essential oils, bitters, tannins or dyes are a pleasure for the body and soul. Whether as an enjoyment, old homespun remedy or cure, herbs are true gifts of nature.

You are certain to find the local herbs in Styrian kitchens. Whether in tea, as a nettle soup or added as a finishing touch to different dishes. Numerous recipes owe their intense flavour to the herbs. Many herbs are cultivated in the private gardens of Styrians, while others grow freely in nature, on the edges of meadows or in forests. From March to April, people enjoy the harvest of delicious wild garlic, for example. The nettle is best picked between July and September, since this corresponds to its blooming period. But Styrian herbs are not just enjoyed in food, they are also used in the production of cosmetics, as medicinal herbs or in the form of oils. For this reason, herbs in Styria are highly important in the area of wellness and regeneration. Almost every herb has a health benefit for the body.