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The unique landscape and enjoyment blend into one in the ham of the pleasure region of Styrian Vulkanland. The more than three dozen volcanoes have not erupted for millions of years, but their weathered remains still characterise the area.

Styrian Vulkanland is too good for mass production. What grows here has value. The farmers of the region produce exquisite volcanic specialities according to this principle. The ham products of Franz Habel, Anton Krispel and Eduard Thaller are also in line with this principle. The Vulcano ham producer Habel promises the best flavour and uncompromising quality. With delicacies such as cured or smoked ham, he not only pampers visitors to the world of ham, but also causes quite a stir enjoying a delicious Styrian snack. The haunch, fillet and loin are specially processed to achieve their full potential. The butcher Thaller works together closely with local farmers. Fine juicy pork and beef ham are the result. Among the great products of the butcher's shop are the Goldthaller ham. "High-quality pork products" can be found at the wine tavern vineyard Krispel, namely the Mangalica pig.