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The regions of Upper Styria and Ausseerland-Salzkammergut are known for the production of a special treat: gingerbread. In Mariazell, Seckau and Aussee, it is not just baked at Christmas time, but it is available year-round for those with a sweet tooth in a heart shape with frosting, coated in chocolate or traditionally with sliced almonds

It is no coincidence that gingerbread has a long tradition in Mariazell of all places, Austria's most important pilgrimage site. This is because gingerbread is long-lasting, lightweight and nutritious, making it an ideal food for pilgrims. It certainly has nothing to do with Spartan food, as more than half of the biscuit consists of natural honey. The production of gingerbread in Ausseerland is just as long-standing. While the gingerbread is no longer baked in artisanally cut moulds made of pear tree wood, nothing has changed with the basic ingredients of honey, rye flour, nuts, fruits and spices. The pastry shop Regner in Seckau places particular attention to the quality and craftsmanship when making the gingerbread. It takes a lot of time to take the sharpness out of the gingerbread earlier and achieve the optimal taste. These days, the delicacies are shipped to resellers all over Austria, Germany and to South Tyrol and London.

Lebkuchen hearts (gingerbread hearts) | © erLEBZELTEREI Pirker | Pirker

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Gingerbread experience in Mariazell
In the home of gingerbread, Mariazell, you can look over the shoulders of gingerbread bakers making the delicious speciality. Gingerbread tastings, a bee table, smelling stations to smell the spices as well as facts about the Mariazell gingerbread tradition await you.