Pear still life | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm


More than just Styrian apples and the sweet wine grapes grow in Styria. Numerous other fruit varieties benefit from the Styrian climate. Whether the Pöllauer Hirschbirn pear, the Upper Styrian mixed orchards, the Hitzendorfer cherries, the Styrian vineyard peaches or the fruity berries.

The longevity of the Pöller Hirschbirn trees, their insensitivity to frost and the very rich yield are remarkable. The Hirschbirn pears have always been made into must, fine brandies and vinegar in the east of Styria. In the dried state (Kletzten), they are the main component of the fluffy Joglland Guglhupf. In Upper Styria, however, mixed fruit and wild fruits are harvested in the Mürztal mixed fruit region in the colourful autumn and are found in the kitchens of regional innkeepers. The Hitzendorfer cherries shine in ruby tones or even black-red every year under the first rays of sunlight. After the harvest, they are processed into delicacies such as liqueur, jam or strudel in time for the Cherry Festival. The hill country of the wine region of southern and western Styria not only offers delicious grapes, but this is also where the Styrian vineyard peaches come from. Medium-sized with red-yellow skin and white fruit flesh, they are incredibly juicy and have an intensive peach flavour.