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Lovers of fish will get their money's worth in Styria. With the Ausseerland Seesaibling lake char, naturally protected in the middle of Austria, and the Teichland carp, connoisseurs can choose from two first-class and above all regional freshwater fish specialities.

Ausseerland offers a rare speciality. Lake char are indigenous to the excellent freshwater of the Altausseer See, Grundlsee, Toplitzsee and Kammersee. They are of exquisite quality since they place high demands on the cleanliness of their water. They are known for their bright pink meat, especially the Ausseer lake char. It is often served with Styrian horseradish risotto and fresh vegetables. In Styrian Teichland, mirror carp, fully scaled carp, striped carp or leather carp are raised. The enjoyment region of Styrian Teichland is divided into three core areas, which stretch from Deutschlandsberg in the west of Styria to Hartberg in the east. Long pond systems were built here in the valleys of the hilly environment. It takes two summers until the carp go to market as a fishbone-free fillet. A popular way of eating carp in Styria is with a fine wine sauce or delicious root salad.