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Fine Brandies

Exclusive distilleries and schnapps distilleries produce fine spirits as well as high-quality schnapps from various fruit varieties in their factories. Distillery Hochstrasser, Gölles Edelbrände, Schaubrennerei Jöbstl, Distillery Bauer and Pirker Mariazell are among the best in Styria.

The variety of fruit that Styria offers is the basis for excellent brandy and schnapps. The Styrian distillate products are popular far beyond the borders. The fruits are carefully picked either by machine or by hand, then washed and cored, mixed with yeast and enzymes and filled in the mash tank. After the natural fermentation process, the mash moves to the boiler where the distillation begins. Schnapps is then all fruit brandies that are at least 33% fruit. The rest of the content consists of alcohol from agricultural origin. Fine brandy, however, with 100% fruit content, is the finest and purest that the distiller has to offer. Whether quince, pear, plum or rowan berry, the Styrian distillers offer everything from A to Z. Styrian herbs are also ideal for distillation. The herbal bitters, such as those made in Mariazell, are a welcome drink after a Styrian culinary delight.