Range of chocolates | © Zotter | Bernhard Bergmann


People love chocolate in the green heart of Austria. In the east of Styria, it has not only become visible, but also precious. The companies Zotter in Riegersburg and Felber in Birkfeld produce delicious, hand-crafted chocolate in their factories, delighting more than just Styrians.

Zotter chocolate focuses on variety, quality and innovation. The company stands for creativity, sustainability and 100% organic and fair trade of the cocoa bean and is thus one of only a few such companies worldwide. Josef Zotter's factory is known for more than just this. In particular the extraordinary chocolate creations can only be found here. Or have you seen, let alone tasted chocolate elsewhere with the title "pink chocolate and fish marshmallow filling"? At the Zotter world of experience, the path of the cocoa bean can be followed from the start and you can eat as much chocolate as your belly allows. No less delicious are the products of the company Felber. The family-owned company produces the delicious chocolate bars with lots of love and handicraft. Chocolate bars are produced in the factory according to your personal preferences, including the wrapper, for special events or festivals. When talking about chocolate and Styria, you cannot forget the delicious Styrian heart tarts. At the Sorger bakery, the green heart is available as a chocolate dream and is waiting to be nibbled.