Murauer hut on the Frauenalpe | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm


Beer is one of the most popular beverages among adults in Styria. With the large well-known breweries, such as Puntigamer in the capital city of Graz or Murauer and Gösser in Upper Styria, Styrian beers excite beyond Styria.

In the countless breweries of Styria, not only can beer lovers try different varieties as well as small start-up beers, but also in particular learn how the enjoyable drink is created from the main ingredients of hops and malt. Beer was already brewed in the Göss monastery in the Middle Ages and this long tradition is probably best experienced in the Gösser brewing museum. One of the most diverse brewery museums in Austria is located in the ancient and beautified vaulted cellar of the brewery in Murau. The "Mariazell Christmas Celebration Beer" has been brewed in Mariazell country since 1996 in the Mariazell Brewery, now a fixed part of the pre-Christmas culinary offer. In Leutschach in the south of Styria, a small private brewery has settled in the only hop cultivation area in Styria, the largest in Austria. However, Styria also has a number of larger and also great small breweries to offer across the country, which hold up the brewing tradition in their own way with their specialities.