In the apple orchards of orcharding Wilhelm at the Styrian apple route, Puch/Weiz | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm


"An apple a day keeps the doctor away..." Styrians are set when it comes to this, and you'll understand why once you have tried a delicious Styrian apple. In the largest apple-growing area in Austria, Styria produces delicately sour apple varieties and wonderful sweet and fruity apples.

Whether Gala, Fuji or Kronprinz Rudolf [Crown Prince Rudolph], with its total of ten different apple varieties, Styria covers all tastes. The apple country offers numerous tasting possibilities. Excursion destinations, such as the Haus des Apfels [Apple House] invite you to taste and get to know this wonderful fruit. The apple is of course best enjoyed right off the tree. However, it often faces a long journey before it finally finds its way into the local kitchens of Styria as apple vinegar, apple horseradish or apple strudel. The Styrian apple is used for more than just cooking and baking. In the pressed form, it also impresses its enjoyers as must, cider or fruit juice. In addition, events such as the Apple Blossom Festival or Apple Street Fest take place around the apple capital of Puch bei Weiz where you can enjoy apple culinary delights to the accompaniment of folk music and dance.