Wine, apple, pumpkin | © Steiermark Tourismus | Harry Schiffer

Delicatessen Shop

The varied landscapes of Styria offer a variety of delicacies so that you can easily speak of the delicatessen of Austria. From the alpine meadows and pastures to the vineyards in the south, west and east of the state, from the special cultures to the refining businesses, hardly any other region is as agriculturally colourful as the enjoyment land of Styria.

Preserving the old and allowing the new was already the motto of Archduke John of Austria and this guiding principle is to be continued. Whether meat products, ham specialities, freshly caught fish, fresh juicy Styrian apples, green gold or fine wines - what is cherished and cultivated in the green heart of Austria will make connoisseurs' pallets rejoice.

Delicatessen Shop of Styria