Culinary stop during hiking. Gasthaus Weiße Wand, hiking trail "Wilde Wasser", Schladming  | © Steiermark Tourismus |

Culinary Experiences

Using all your senses in Styria: Not only can delicious Styrian products be tasted in exquisite restaurants, but they can also be "experienced" in many places. Did you know how farmers' donuts are baked? Or have you ever milked a cow? Try it out and you will earn the "Ennstal Alpine Diploma".

But Styria has various culinary excursion destinations to offer in other regions as well. At some distilleries, you can view the distilling process of fine brandies live. The process of cheese-making can also be experienced live at cheese dairies and the craft of brewing beer is also demonstrated in many Styrian breweries. Styria also has sumptuous experiences for those with a sweet tooth among our holiday guests: visitors can look over the shoulders of gingerbread bakers and learn about the processing of chocolate. Is your mouth watering already? Then find your favourite culinary excursion destination here! 

A Culinary Journey of Discovery

On the trail of Styrian culinary delights
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Oilmill Berghofer | © Berghofer-Mühle GmbH | Bergmann
Excursion Destination
Family & Kids, Pumpkin, Winter excursion destination, Winter excursion destination for families

Berghofer Mill

"The mill clatters at the rushing brook, clip, clap". What mill is this? Of course the historic Berghofer mill, which is located directly on its life line, the picturesque Raab river. This mill immediately captivates visitors with its charm.
Wine tavern Bad Waltersdorf | © Bergstadl Bad Waltersdorf | Bernhard Bergmann
Excursion Destination

Bergstadl Bad Waltersdorf

The Bergstadl Bad Waltersdorf focuses on regional products. In addition, many homemade products are also offered, such as specialities from their own raised Mangalica pork as well as in-house quality wines, brandies, fruit juices and pumpkin seed ...
© Hotel Schloss Seggau | Kristoferitsch
Excursion Destination
Cooling tip, Castle / Palace, Wine,

Castle Seggau

Hotel Schloss Seggau has been known as an excursion destination beyond the borders of Styria fro many decades. Probably the most impressive rooms in the castle are the regency rooms. The more than 300-year-old Episcopal vineyards are one of the ...
Range of oil (Schalk mill) | © Schalk Mühle KG | Lumikki Photography
Excursion Destination
Pumpkin, Winter excursion destination, Steiermark-Card, Winter excursion destination for families

Enjoyment & Experience Tour Schalk Mill

Learn how the traditional pressing of Styrian pumpkin seed oil works at one of the oldest Styrian oil mills. Enter the rustic mill, the restored hydropower museum or the new hydropower station and try a wide range of homemade products.
Front view of the wine-growing estate Sabathi | © Weingut Sabathi | Igor Skacel
Excursion Destination

Erwin Sabathi Vineyard

What was wrested from the slope here shows the radical change that followed the generational change of the wine-makers like no other vineyard.
View over the vineyards in Straden (Wine-growing estate Fassold) | © Weinhof Fassold | Werner Krug
Excursion Destination

Fassold Winery

The Fassold Winery lies in the municipality of Straden in the middle of Styrian Vulkanland in southeastern Austria. With almost 300 sunny days per year, the region has an optimal climate for producing high quality wines.
Excursion Destination
Food & Drink, Cooling tip, Winter excursion destination, Steiermark-Card

Flecks Beer

FLECKS Beer is not only Austria's largest private brewery in Austria, but probably also the most entertaining.
Seasoning cheese | © Fromagerie Riegersburg | Bernhard Bergmann
Excursion Destination
Food & Drink, Winter excursion destination, Winter excursion destination for families

Fromagerie zu Riegersburg

The Fromagerie zu Riegersburg is Austria's first cheese maturation and cheese-making workshop. You will escape into the world of cheese here. Whether you are a cheese connoisseur or a cheese lover, you will find a wide selection of different types ...
Main entrance of the winery Krispel | © Weingut Krispel | Reidinger
Excursion Destination

Genussgut Krispel

Want to be "happy as a pig in the muck"? Then head off to Genussgut Krispel! Here you will experience pure indulgence. You can taste outstanding wines and specialities from the Mangalica pig, discover the secret of basalt stone and experience the ...
Aerial view of wine-growing estate Georgiberg | © Weingut Georgiberg | Monika Groess
Excursion Destination
Wine, Steiermark-Card

Georgiberg Vineyard

Georgiberg is a vineyard in an exposed location on the Southern Styria Wine Road. The soil and microclimate make it possible to produce wines of the highest strength and great finesse here. Exquisite wines can be enjoyed in the attached restaurant ...
© Steiermark Tourismus | Achim Meurer

Enjoyment Capital

Discover the delicious sides of Graz
In Graz, many people speak of the culinary reasons for the title "Enjoyment Capital". Let yourself be surprised by regional farmers markets and culinary city walks. Stroll through the Mediterranean ambience of the city from one enjoyment to the next.