Culinary stop during hiking. Gasthaus Weiße Wand, hiking trail "Wilde Wasser", Schladming  | © Steiermark Tourismus |

Culinary Experiences

Using all your senses in Styria: Not only can delicious Styrian products be tasted in exquisite restaurants, but they can also be "experienced" in many places. Did you know how farmers' donuts are baked? Or have you ever milked a cow? Try it out and you will earn the "Ennstal Alpine Diploma".

But Styria has various culinary excursion destinations to offer in other regions as well. At some distilleries, you can view the distilling process of fine brandies live. The process of cheese-making can also be experienced live at cheese dairies and the craft of brewing beer is also demonstrated in many Styrian breweries. Styria also has sumptuous experiences for those with a sweet tooth among our holiday guests: visitors can look over the shoulders of gingerbread bakers and learn about the processing of chocolate. Is your mouth watering already? Then find your favourite culinary excursion destination here! 

A Culinary Journey of Discovery

On the trail of Styrian culinary delights
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Aerial view of Riegersburg | © Thermenland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger
Excursion Destination
Wine, Panorama road

Thermal Springs Country Wine Road

Vineyards and pumpkin fields, fruit orchards and castles, gentle hills and hot springs: an attractive stretch of land characterised by six thermal springs, which provide relaxation and recovery all year-round.
Mariazeller Magenlikör (herb liqueur) | © Arzberger Likörmanufaktur | Michael Reidinger
Excursion Destination
Food & Drink, Winter excursion destination

Arzberger Liqueur Factory

Visit the liqueur factory and learn more about the history and production of the Mariazell gastric liqueur.
Romans | © Oststeirische Römerweinstraße |
Excursion Destination
Panorama road, Wine

Austrian Roman Wine Road

Experience what it means to enjoy eastern Styria to the fullest. Fine wines, traditional cuisine and exciting attractions from the past and present await you on one of the longest contiguous Austrian wine roads.
© Hotel Schloss Seggau | Kristoferitsch
Excursion Destination
Cooling tip, Castle / Palace, Wine,

Castle Seggau

Hotel Schloss Seggau has been known as an excursion destination beyond the borders of Styria from many decades. Probably the most impressive rooms in the castle are the regency rooms. The more than 300-year-old Episcopal vineyards are one of the ...
Lebkuchen hearts (gingerbread hearts) | © erLEBZELTEREI Pirker | Pirker
Excursion Destination
Food & Drink, Family & Kids, Winter excursion destination, Steiermark-Card, Winter excursion destination for families

Erlebzelterei Pirker Mariazell

Watch gingerbread being baked and be there "live" when the delicious Mariazell specialities are made. Gingerbread tastings, a bee table, smelling stations to smell the spices as well as lots of information about the Mariazell gingerbread tradition ...
Exterior view of the oil mill Fandler | © Ölmühle Fandler | Gerhard Wasserbauer
Excursion Destination
Pumpkin, Winter excursion destination, Winter excursion destination for families

Fandler Oil Mill

Since 1926, the best oil has been produced at the Fandler oil mill in Pöllau. In doing so, they have been faithful to themselves and the gentle pressing process for years. Choose from more than 45 varieties and develop a passion for oil.
Enjoying a "Gösser" beer | © Brau Union Österreich AG
Excursion Destination
Museum, Food & Drink, Cooling tip, Steiermark-Card


What does a place look like where nothing has changed for centuries - and at the same time everything is new every day? Experience Austria's best beer at the interactive Gösser Brewing Museum. Now with a newly designed showroom: a partner of the ...
Traminerweg, path | © TVB Region Bad Radkersburg | Croce&Wir
Excursion Destination
Nature & Adventures, Wine

Klöcher Traminer Route

Hike where enjoyment originates: on the Klöcher Traminer Route, named after the famous Gewürztraminer, the wine with the scent of the rose. The circular hiking route leads pleasure hikers through the idyllic vineyards of Klöch and rewards them ...
Klöcher Weinstraße, wine route | © TVB Region Bad Radkersburg | Berhard Bergmann
Excursion Destination
Wine, Panorama road

Klöcher Wine Road

The Klöcher Wine Road begins in the spa town of Bad Radkersburg and goes north to Fehring. Try the Klöcher Traminer at the wine shop Klöch, enjoy the views into the vineyards from Castle Kapfenstein - experience this and much more on the Klöcher ...
Brewery (Steirisch Ursprung Brauerei) | © Met Bräu Vertriebs GmbH | Karl Schrotter
Excursion Destination
Food & Drink, Winter excursion destination

Steirisch Ursprung Brewery

How can you best describe the diversity of beautiful and unique Styria? The Steirisch Ursprung Brewery has tried. Old wooden beams with historic wood and stone floors, underground galleries, a unique folk art exhibition and the largest antique ...
© Steiermark Tourismus | Achim Meurer

Enjoyment Capital

Discover the delicious sides of Graz
In Graz, many people speak of the culinary reasons for the title "Enjoyment Capital". Let yourself be surprised by regional farmers markets and culinary city walks. Stroll through the Mediterranean ambience of the city from one enjoyment to the next.